Cat Travel: Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

It comes as sad news that we have to post an update that a cat cafe we visited a few years back closed its doors. 🙁

This actually happened a while back but we’ve received a number of inquiries of people attempting to find the cafe so we thought it was important to update this post and let everyone know that sadly Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok is no more. But we are happy to report that all cats are living happily with the owners and staff now at their own homes.

For those that didn’t get a chance to visit the cafe please find below a blast from the past with a view as to what the cafe looked like on our visit. 🙂

The cafe had taken great care in providing 3-dimensional space for their cats. This is an important aspect of a cat cafe as it enables the cats to do their own thing whenever they don’t feel like interacting with visitors.

Of course we had problems keeping the cats out of our bags… they must know that we have plenty of cat toys at home for our Shop. LOL


One thing we thought was especially great about this cafe was the selection of food and drinks. The only other cafe we can think of that’s on paar with this would be Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium here in London. We had a chocolate cake, tiramisu and green tea latte:

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In addition to their young adults and older cats they also had some very cute kittens. For their safety these were with their mother in a separate area of the cafe and only the staff was allowed to interact with them.

Some of the cats were more playful than others, especially when feathers were involved:

Of course grooming is a necessity especially for their longer haired cats:



They had a lot of different cats there. I especially liked the Main Coons that always remind me of a Lynx:

And of course it’s always surprising where cats get comfy….

On our way out through the souvenir shop we noticed that this guy sure doesn’t want to let tourists buy his favourite tins of tuna:


We hope you enjoyed this dive into the past and the cafe will most certainly be missed by us and all those that went. 🙁

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28 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

  1. maryltonks says:

    Sorry to hear they have closed, as have several others. Is it too cost-prohibitive to operate them? Happy to know all of these beautiful babies are safely rehomed.

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  3. catcafereviews says:

    These photos are so cute! I’m sorry they are closed and I have to remove them from the database, but thanks for the update.

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      You are welcome! And yes it’s such a shame. We liked our visit there and even sent them a box of presents back in the days for all their cats up for adoption

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      Yes all those for adoption were rehomed and the rest are living with the owner in the big house that’s no longer open to the public. 🙂

  4. zodiacimmortal says:

    That one that you mentioned about liking the main coons looks more like it could be a Norwegian forest cat the 2 types can be easily mistaken for each other.
    I would love one but mom has a prob with longer haired cats. (we’re not allergic to cats but I think when they have longer hair it gives that sort of effect to my mom)

  5. zodiacimmortal says:

    I could be wrong but I notice it IS hard to tell them apart. Sadly I’m not surer if we even have our cat book here that has ghe pictures & info about the breeds so I could make a note of it… and if it is here… I just tidied up my book corner and I wouldn’t know where to look for it now. LOL
    Mmm Maybe we should ask on Quora? Doo you have an account there? (If not would you like me to post the question on mine?

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      I don’t have a Quora account so if you wouldn’t mind seeing what the rest of the world uses to identify them. We might even be able to turn it in a fun breeds fact post. 😀

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