Katzenworld launches first UK World Cat Federation cat Club

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have heard that we went to Bran in Romania at the end of June to meet with the WCF (World Cat Federation). Part of this visit was to meet with some of the members of the board of the WCF including their president Anneliese Hackmann. The event in Bran was hosted by Magnificats, and they kindly announced the launch of our own WCF cat club, Katzenworld Cats Club at the event.

And don’t worry our news portal will continue as is! The club will form a further extension to our brand and sit on its own microsite and in fact, will operate as an independent not for profit organisation.

So you are probably wondering who is the WCF?

The World Cat Federation is an international association of cat clubs, which is registered in Germany. There are 280 organizations worldwide associated to the WCF. President is currently Anneliese Hackmann from Essen. The WCF has been successfully in working on the development of animal protection laws in European Parliament in Strasbourg.

And this core value of animal protection is one of the reasons that attracted us to form a cat club under the governing rules of the WCF for the UK.

Our WCF club enables us to run cat shows where members of the WCF are able to bring their cats along to events similar to those that we’ve attended of other cat associations in the past. The format of the WCF is much more relaxed meaning it is less stressful for cats and humans alike taking part in them and the judges get to spend more time with each individual owner to offer them advice.

Of course, to stick with our own core values we are planning to provide more than just a cat show, we are planning to get organisations and vets on board to provide educational stalls and talks at our events that will be useful for the general cat-loving public. 🙂

And no cat event would be complete without stallholders offering things for our own cats and those simply loving cats. So we will make sure to partner up with plenty of businesses to offer a wide selection of goodies.

If all goes according to plan we are hoping to run our first show at the end of January 2019 and we will keep you posted here and on the club website.

It’s great to be part of an even larger community of cat lovers and the WCF spans across all continents. After all, a large part of these events is meeting other people and have fun together. 🙂

For those of you that would like to get further involved (UK based or abroad!) we welcome volunteers that can help with the running of the club. Please do get in touch and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Additionally, we’ve also enabled our membership plans, join us to help build up an amazing new addition to the cat fancier world in the UK. The money of your membership will go towards arranging shows and settling our clubs fees for being part of the WCF.

All membership levels will receive special discounts from our selected partners and friends.

We’d love to hear from you and what you think of our plans and what you’d like to see from our first cat show. And of course, stay tuned for more updates on our progress. 🙂



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15 thoughts on “Katzenworld launches first UK World Cat Federation cat Club

  1. angela1313 says:

    I think this is a wonderful move on your part. I look forward to watching it all come together.

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    • Marc-André says:

      The WCF does exist in the US. I’ll try and find out if they have any events near Las Vegas. 🙂

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