Purrsday Poetry: Do You Remember?

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Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by TigerSpirit:

Do You Remember?

I wrote this poem shortly after my Midnight passed in August 2008.

This is dedicated to my handsome Midnight: 1990 – 2008, he was a couple months shy of his 18th birthday when his organs shut down due to old age.

Do you remember, when you were young
Only two days old, my heart you won
A tiny ball of fluff you were
Four white boots and black fur

Do you remember when you opened your eyes?
Three dogs looking back at you, what a surprise!
Do you remember believing you’re canine
Not quite understanding the common feline

Do you remember all the places you’ve been
Places cats don’t go and you shouldn’t have seen
All those times my handbag was very much your home
So I could take you to places new for you to roam

Do you well remember, that city park one day
The pigeons, double your size, scared you away?
“Maaa” you cried, as you ran back to me
Much to the amusement of all who could see

Do you remember that special day you went to a fete
Hiding in my bag, you found that day so great
Everyone who saw you hiding inside
Thought you looked so cute, eyes open wide

Remember sharing your bag space with a stuffed toy?
Curled around a worn zebra was my sweet little boy
You took that zebra everywhere in the bag and out
When I tried to wash it, you’d stare at me and pout

Do you remember King, yor loving older brother?
My corgie x poodle, you’d never love another
You would always worship the ground he walked on
You were heartbroken when he was finally gone.

Do you remember our tiny little Kimba
Quickly rejected by her selfish Ma
You adopted her and raised her for me
What a beautiful girl, she now grew to be

You acted like a guard dog in your early adult years
The way you bullied bigger dogs brought me to tears
I’d be doubled up in laughter every time you came
Returning from chasing a dog down the lane

You were loyal as a canine when you matured
All my erratic mood swings you had endured
You’d come when I whistled or called your name
Even if you were in trouble, you’d come all the same

In your Senior years you mellowed quite a bit
It didn’t stop you though in being fighting fit
You would always be my miniature Panther
Causing every stray cat and dog, to scoot and scamper

Do you remember your final days being old and frail
You wouldn’t share your pain, but you’d wag your tail
It tore me up to see the skeleton in you
When you finally died, a part of me died too.

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