Renegade: A new Playground!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today! We got a box with a new piece of cat furniture the other day. : )

Rennie: Of course I was there straight away to inspect that it didn’t get the slightest damage in transit! Can’t be careful enough with delivery companies. 😉 Our new furniture is part of the Catit Vesper furniture range.

Rennie: Luckily all those in order! But now the question is will the humans manage to assemble this on their own or will I need to lend them a paw? 😀

Nubia: As if your DIY skills were any good… I am sure the humans will be fine after all this is an easy assembly piece of furniture 😀

Rennie: You might be right sister… We seem to be getting there. BUT the humans forgot to install something on the top I think!

Nubia: Give them a moment. 😮

Rennie: There we go! Much better! It’s got a soft scratchy pad for me on the top now. And look there is a soft cushion inside. 😀

Rennie: I can see so much from up here!

Rennie: And hmmm… the inside looks interesting as well. Let’s have a look where it leads. 😉

Rennie: And my god!!! How did I miss this!!! It’s a fluffy ball for me to hunt and “eat”! *drools*

Nubia: Oh oh… he has found something new to let his hunting instinct out on. ;o

Rennie: I love this new Catit Vesper Minou. 😀

Nubia: Right… While my brother is going all nuts over the fluff-ball he discovered I should probably tell you all where to send your human to get one of these yourself. 😉

The Vesper Minou is available through many pet shops and of course directly via the Catit online shop (available in various countries)

What did our humans think of this? They were impressed! They thought at £49.99 the Vesper Minou offers purrfect value at a great price. The sturdy MDF plates with their oak finished look almost feel like real wood! And assembly of the furniture those easy even for humans with “two left hands”! And even better all orders over £20 come with free delivery from them.

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade also known as The Flash!

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20 thoughts on “Renegade: A new Playground!

    • Marc-André says:

      And just as well that it’s easy to assemble because both of the humans only have “left hands” with DIY projects. 😉

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