The Amazing Cat Hosts of airbnb

Last month the US celebrated National Pet Day, Airbnb decided to shine a light on some of it’s most popular ‘Cat Hosts’. These adorable moggies, many of whom were rescued, have earned thousands of glowing reviews with many guests stating the cat hosts were the main reason they booked. Airbnb has confirmed there are over 1 million pet friendly listings bookable on their platform.

Below just two of the amazing hosts we found in the full article

Hosts Wakana, Ghin, and Sumire
Peaceful Shibuya Home,   Tokyo,  Japan

Ghin, a boy, is an 8-year-old, French breed called Chartreux and Sumire, is a 1-year-old, British shorthaired female. Both were abandoned by their previous owners. I got them from animal protection organizations.  A lot of cats and dogs are abandoned like this and need new homes. I help those organizations sometimes with the Airbnb host community. Having cats actually helps me get more bookings. Ghin used to be a very shy cat, hiding under the bed when new guests came but because all of our guests are so friendly, my cats have built up their trust over the years and now they love the attention!

Host Wakana

Wakana, Ghin and Sumire also host a unique Experience for cat-lovers in their local Tokyo neighborhood.

Hosts Sue and Kooky
Beautifully Furnished Flat,   London, United Kingdom

Kooky is 10 years old. I bought him from an owner who became allergic to his fine hair. As I advertise ‘for cat lovers only’ most guests are cat owners themselves and get a real kick out of having a ‘holiday cat’ on the premises. I actually suspect Kooky is the main attraction and he certainly loves the attention from guests. Kooky thinks it’s a privilege for them to have the pleasure of his company. Basically he owns the flat and we are lucky to have him as a rather imperious host.

Host Sue

For the other amazing cat hosts do check out the full article.



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20 thoughts on “The Amazing Cat Hosts of airbnb

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Thanks for this. I’m sure that a lot of places would increase their patronage if they had cats.
    I stayed at a place in Hawaii a few years ago and although they had two cats on the property they weren’t allowed in the lodging due to possible allergies. I did make friends with them outdoors though.
    When I’m looking for places to stay when I travel the ones that say there are pets…particularly cats …get my attention right away.

    • Marc-André says:

      Interesting if I was a Airbnb host with cats I’d make a point of highlighting them and be part of it to attract more cat lovers rather than worry about people with allergies… because those most likely will be avoiding those anyway as a place can never be 100% cat hair free

  2. maryltonks says:

    My daughter patronized an AirBNB here in the States where there were 2 cats. However, the operators were not in favor of much interaction between their cats and her. They were upset that she allowed the cats in her room, because they worried about the next patron being allergic. Took some of the fun from the visit, to be sure. These places sound great!

    • Marc-André says:

      That’s quite sad. They should focus on promoting the cats and not worry about people with allergies. I doubt those would pick an Airbnb with a cat present in any shape or form.

  3. zoetnote says:

    I cannot remember one vacation where I didn’t fall in love with a cat or a dog on the streets. In fact, my tip to pet lovers: travel with packets of healthy, great treats to share! You’ll be so happy making a stray animal’s day. Now I’ll also look for these amazing hosts on Airbnb, too. What a nice find, thanks Marc!

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  5. catcafereviews says:

    Love this! We have booked several different Airbnb’s specifically because they had cats, so it was fun to see these two. Thanks for sharing this new form of cat travel!

    • Marc-André says:

      You are welcome. :-). And hopefully I’ve not sparked an idea of staying at all the cat Airbnb places now haha!

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