Is your cat a secret night ninja – like Fluffy?

If your cat is an intrepid explorer of the outside world regular worming is a must.

Toxocara cati is the common feline roundworm, it effects cats of all shapes, sizes and doesn’t discriminate against age either. The worms attach to your cats fur and are then swallowed during your pets grooming session. Even healthy looking cats can carry worms, this is why it is so important to worm your pet regularly.

Your pets fur may be come dull, dry and loose its healthy shine. Weight loss is another indicator of a worm burden. If you notice these signs do not delay contacting a veterinary surgeon, as these usually happen over a period of time meaning your cat has been suffering with a worm burden for a while.

Younger pets are more likely to show signs of a worm burden, look out for; Diarrhoea, Nasal discharge, coughs and a pot bellied/bloated stomach. Before you bring your new kitten home always check with the breeder, when your new family member was wormed and what product was used. Always check that your kittens mum has been wormed too, as kittens can catch worms from their mother when she is feeding them. If your new pet starts showing signs of a pot belly or upset tummy do not delay contact a vet, if left untreated they can cause your new kitten to quickly become unwell.

The toxocara worm can also infect humans, although rare, the worm larvae can migrate into the human eye. Symptom’s can include vision loss, eye inflammation and in severe cases even blindness! Worms can travel throughout the human body and cause other health issues too. If you are concerned contact your doctor.

There are a number of different products available for prevention and treatment, ask your vet for advice and stop worms before they enter your home! For more help and advice check out the Blog of Young Veterinary Partnership.

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7 thoughts on “Is your cat a secret night ninja – like Fluffy?

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    Such good advice. My dad’s cat used to go outside and im sure he had worms so I went to the vets and came back with a working tablet. Wrapped Sammy in a towel and gave him his tablet. He was okay at first then started foaming at the mouth and then he was sick and I have seen worms in my life but this one bet them all it must have been more than 12 inches it was so disgusting and to think that could have wrapped itself round his heart and killed him. My boy gets worked every month from vet.

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