Dumpster Kitty

We could hardly wait to saddle up the horses and head out for a ride. It was a beautiful spring day. After the long winter months of not being able to ride, the warmer weather brought on that spring itch to get out there and ride.

At the time we were boarding our horse’s near a outdoor theatre/ski resort. It was always fun to be able to have the freedom of riding the grounds before the theatre’s season started.
Climbing to the top of the hill and looking down upon the empty theatre. There amongst the silence you could almost hear the crowds calling for the music. The climb to the top offered a breathtaking landscape view that stretched for miles. The quietness of the grounds, the spring breeze just ever slightly blowing our horses’ manes across their neck. The green grass sprouting through the ground and the birds busy with their celebration of spring.


After our ride to the top, we descened to the bottom of the hill to stop and rest our horses near the maintenance buildings. We stopped in between the out buildings and next to a large commercial dumpster. We sat there taking in the sunshine, enjoying the company of our horses and each other. Other than our chattering, there was a atmosphere of all that a much awaited spring day brings. Stopping to just sit on our horses and enjoy the glory of the day. Then I heard a noise. At first I Ignored it. I heard it again. It was faint, so couldn’t quite place it. I stopped talking. I said to my friend, “shhhh, I hear something”. Then I recognized the noise.

I became frantic and my heart started beating faster. I quickly dismounted my horse, handed the reins to my riding buddy and tried to open the lid to the dumpster. It was too heavy. I started to hyperventilate in panic of what I was certain I had discovered. I then remembered there was a side door to this monster steel box. I quickly walked around the sides of the dumpster till I found the door. I tugged at the side door, leaning into it with all my strength to slide it open. I peered into the bottom of the empty dumpster and there stood a tiny, frail kitten. I gasped in horror. Locked in the cell of a dumpster, no food, water, or light. There he was on the bare floor of the dumpster. The dumpster’s floor was wet, with not a scrap of garbage in it. It was cold and dark, with barely a spark of light peering through the cracks of the dumpster lids.

The expression of terror and relief on the tiny face, that peered up at me, when I finally slid the steel door open. Her tiny mouth screaming out in protest of the gross injustice that had nearly sealed her fate.
I couldn’t climb into the dumpster fast enough to pick her up and take her back to the barn. She was covered in fleas over her entire body. There was no need to seek them out, they were clearly visible.
I bathed her in suds and water. Certainly not without her voicing her opinion of this wet and unpleasant experience.
Once she was rid of the fleas, some food and water were the best offering she had come across in days. Her tiny body was ecstatic to finally find some comfort. Her tiny motor purred in exclamation of joy.


The birth of a barn cat. A barn cat she became and was happy to have a place called home. It wasn’t long and she had forgotten the large steel dumpster that nearly took her life.
Beyond the terror of being abandoned in a dumpster, rose this tiny life. She became a charming delight to all who she came across and lived a comfortable life as a barn cat.

By Diana Wanamaker

Writer – Story Teller – Animal Communicator – Educator for Natural Health for Pets

www.thepeacockpetcafe.com -Facebook

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18 thoughts on “Dumpster Kitty

    • Diana says:

      Me too! Even though this was a very long time ago, it is forever imprinted in my memory and heart. It was one of those moments that being in the right place at the very moment of need. Perfectly designed, where it made all the difference in the world of a kitten. Those are amazing moments in time, aren’t they. I, too, am so happy I was there to rescue her.

    • Diana says:

      Sadly, it is not. There are so many out there that don’t have the good fortune of being rescued. If only we could save them all. But to this little one, it made a world of difference. Thank you Lavinia for being here.

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