TigGRRR III 2014 August Kitten 4
I was adopted from the Linn County Humane Society in Iowa USA in August of 2014.
TigGRRR III 2014 December Mocasins 1
I enjoy smelly shoes.
TigGRRR III 2015 January Window 1
Watching my many channels of cat TV.
And my human’s TV when there a nature shows on.
Who is that handsome fellow in the reflection?
TigGRRR III 2017 Jan boxing 4
I also must explore any boxes or containers that come into my house to see if I fit in them.
TigGRRR III 2017 May Blanket Bed 6
Wow I didn’t know creating my biography would be so tiring. It’s time for my 50th cat nap of the day. Until next time may your days be as purrrfect as mine are.
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24 thoughts on “TigGRRR the III

    • Dennis Ades says:

      Thank you Patricia for the kind words about TigGRRR the 3rd. He is a handsome lad.
      But I wonder if he isn’t part Bengal? His fur is very dense and his patterns are not uniform from left and right sides.
      Keep an eye out for him with more stories and photos to come. He was in TRT #188 ?

  1. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries says:

    Hi! Love the format, though I do miss your whimsical little drawing on the header. The re-direct and pics are slow on the e-mail mail here. Probably a problem with this end. Kinda got the hint that there’s a lot more to setting up a new blog than you remember!? lol. No worries…we’ll be patient.
    Is your email address the same, or do we need to update it for your different forms now??
    No worries….send me the new link for TRT and email when you can.
    Good job guys!
    C u later!? Andrea Gaines.

    • Marc-André says:

      The header now only appears on the front page at Katzenworld.co.uk we were trying to declutter the individual post pages. 🙂

      Our email address is the same and if all goes well post notifications should continue if it fails you may have to re-enable them

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