We are moving…

… not not physically but our website is going to move to a new location!

As many of you know we’ve been part of the WordPress dot com network since the start and have been because the love the community! While the blog will continue to use the WordPress platform we are going self hosted now due to the fact that the blog has outgrown what WordPress dot com is able to supply.

What does this mean?

In short nothing should change for you all and we do hope you’ll be around for the exciting years ahead. 🙂

There is just a few things to note that could impact you and us a little by the move of .com to a self hosted environment.

Email Notifications:

  • If you’ve followed us through WordPress dot com and are relying on receiving email updates to find out about our newest posts there is a possibility that WordPress turns this off as part of the migration due to data privacy. This may happen straight after the migration or a few days after. If you no longer receive email updates please check your subscription settings here.
  • Simply look for our blog  name in your followed sites and click on settings to turn email notifications back on:
  • If you are catching up on them via the WordPress reader don’t worry as those updates will continue to appear either way! 🙂
  • Following us directly  via email (not WordPress user account)? Those will not be affected by the  switch

Alternatively if you  want to be on the safe side to access to the Blog you can sign up for our new daily newsletter or the existing weekly one here.

Katzenworld Newsletter Subscription

Migration timeline!

The Blog has now been migrated. If you encounter any issues please do alert us to them.

Any problems or questions? Drop us an email!

See you on the “other” side.


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39 thoughts on “We are moving…

    • Marc-André says:

      It should be fine but if you rely on email notifications you may need to turn those back on once jetpack has fully migrated.

  1. Jeanette S. Hall says:

    If you hadn’t sent the email about your move, I would not have been able to find you! I have updated your location on my computers.

  2. John says:

    So far so good on my end as I received this. I tried to go self-hosted before. It was such a mess, I came back to WP.com. I hope your migration goes far better Marc! This site is such fun!

  3. toutparmoi says:

    Congratulations on the blog growth that made your move necessary! I don’t think I need to do anything to keep on receiving your posts but if I stop getting notifications, be warned: I know where to find you 🙂

  4. Crystal And Daisy Mae says:

    I’m supposed to get your feed according to WordPress Daily but don’t always. It’s like sometimes it does sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. What do I do? Please help if you can. Thanks.

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