Do You Know What Common Human Foods a Cat Can and Can’t Eat?

Of course, kitties can eat cat food, mice, little birdies, and insects. Apart from those feline’s natural diets, our fur babies do love to try human foods out of curiosity while we are eating. They will not stop meowing until we let them chomp a piece. We also share easily in most cases. For that reason, every cat parent should have extra knowledge about human foods which are risky and which are fine to feed them. Therefore, people search and ask the question about specific foods by name on the internet. I will pick up three of the most commonly asked ones.

Is Banana safe for cats?

Carnivores like felines are actually not accustomed to fruits like this. All wild feline races from jungles, fields, and desserts eat meat only as full all in one nutrient healthy diet. Only house fur babies have non-meat food as a fun treat apart from daily protein. According to the ASPCA, bananas are not poisonous to cat fortunately but not a nutritious thing too. It will be like humans chewing super sweet sugary chewing gum because there is no benefit of it.

However, some owners admit that a little benefit of giving a tiny piece of banana when furry fellas are in constipation. At least the fiber in this fruit softens the stool. Very rich potassium in it also gives little support if your fuzzy friends need some potassium and fiber. They can even turn away or enjoy the food after sniffing the piece of banana by depending on each mentality.

When you share with them remember not to give more than a tiny piece and no more. Excess consuming this fruit will make the cat chubby and diabetes. I think humans do not eat bananas daily too. Banana bread and dry flakes may give the same effect. Another important note is to avoid feeding peels because of hard fibers in peels that furry friends never can digest. As a result, painful stomach problems can happen.

Can cat eat and digest cheese?

You may mistake Tom with Jerry mouse from childhood cartoon series. Although many types of dairy-based food are not a cat thing, some kitties do love to bite a piece of cheese or cheesy juicy meat or pizza. Milk may cause tummy upset by lactose sugar but cheese and yogurt are ok to consume a little bit. You just need to avoid giving them daily even for the little part because Garfield is a perfect example of cheesy food lover. Cheddar or cream whatever, first thing is hard to digest if the big amount, the second thing is it has nothing benefit except the fat body.
That can decrease the health of kitty. The signs of lactose allergy are varied such as diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Salt is a very dangerous component for the feline. Sodium poisoning by salt can cause severe kidney damage which is lethal. Some cheeses are too salty so this type thing should not let fur babies eat. Actually, I do not encourage to feed salty,dairy-based fermented things in a big amount to furry fellas. If you notice Lactose allergic symptoms, stop cheese feeding once for all and immediately take sick fur baby to the vet. Some kitties can resist lactose.

Can my cat eat dog food?

Dogs and kitties are both mammal and carnivores but that does not mean they are same. Felines are not canines because of their metabolism, body structure and genes are different. Woof fella foods are definitely not for meow babies. Surprisingly some owners still feeding same food to these two different animals.

Dogs can turn vitamin A from beta-carotene and can make own Taurine and amino acid from the body. A fatty acid called Arachidonic acid is created by dog body itself. The feline body can not make these things by itself so these nutrients must be in cat food but not in dog’s meal. And kitty needs more protein diet than a dog. Therefore feeding canine food to feline will make nutrient deficiency problem which can cause heart disease and weak immune system. Kitties should eat what is really suitable for cats.

After-all, feeding right diet to the right pet companions. Some human diets, vegetables, and fruits are a benefit to fur babies but most are worthless or harmful. Therefore every pet owners should have great care about what your beloved furry companions feeding on. I have written some question answers about cat health, cat food on my cat blog. Safe, sound and happy kitty with a happy home.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Know What Common Human Foods a Cat Can and Can’t Eat?

  1. Jheelam says:

    I am from Eastern part of India. Cats form an integral part of our culture. Here, fish-heads and milk are staple cat-foods for eons. 🙂

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  3. Nora Hamilton says:

    I learned many years ago to feed my kitty only meat, high quality cat food. What this writer says is true.

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