Cats at the Bar: May I join you guys?

Hi everyone,

We are back for another cute entry in Cats at the Bar to help us all get over the hump day!

I always find it amazing how all of Tom’s cats seem to get along so well!

How many cats does everyone have in their own household and how did you go about introducing them to each other?

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9 thoughts on “Cats at the Bar: May I join you guys?

  1. maryltonks says:

    I have 8 cats right now, 5 of whom are siblings. Isis, my matriarch, accepted them fairly well I think because they were kittens when we brought them in from the cold. Later, we adopted sibling brothers of about one year in age, when the kittens were about the same ages as they were. That took the separate rooms and separate feedings strategy, and then supervised visits. There is a little jealousy, but not too terrible. They don’t all eat from one dish, as these cats do.

  2. Julie says:

    I was advised to wipe a cloth on the forehead over the scent glands on the first cat and then the next and do this a few times. The idea was that on second wipes the cats has their own scent mingled with that of the newcomer and becomes familiar with it. Then when they meet they recognise the scent and are more accepting. That’s the theory and worked for me.

  3. Kathleen Sturgis says:

    I’m down to four cats at the moment. I did have nine at one time. My two boys get along quite well, but my two girls do not. Bela was fine until my son brought Mina home. Mina wants to be an only cat. She tolerates the boys and will even sleep near them, after they whap her when she hisses. But she and Bela do not like each other at all.

    • Marc-André says:

      For us the boys get along well with each other and Nubia. But Nubia is very protective of her private space from her brother Oliver. XD

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  5. Léa says:

    There are two divas in residence. This human has been searching for a black, male kitten to complete our family. Alas none of the refuges in our area have had any kittens and we have been searching for over a year. Simone would love a kitten and is very maternal. She has a lot of love to share. Alas, Colette was the first to arrive, is in charge, and has no use for cats. She is totally devoted to her human. The search continues…

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