Portraits of Working Cats by Sue Clancy

I’ve been working towards a series of fine art portraits of cats – with an eye to future art exhibits and a book. I currently have an art book out about dogs, titled “Dogs by Sue Clancy” and it only seems fair to have one about cats too.  So I’ve been reading books about cats, looking at this site (thanks everyone for sharing!) and visiting some local Pacific Northwestern United States places that employ cats.

You see, In my quest to learn more about cats so as to please my cat Hawkeye by making more cat-related artwork and eventually make artist books about cats – I recently learned that there are several local Pacific Northwest (USA) wineries, breweries, distilleries, tea shops, handcrafted wood furniture stores, bookstores and musical instrument stores that employ cats! Yes, these cats get, ahem, paid to be on guard for rodents and what not. Imagine that?!

So I’ve begun doing some portraits of these working cats. (Most notably (pun intended) a piano store!)

Here are a few of my portraits that I did using sumi ink:

You can see more about my work – and follow my progress on my blog at www.sueclancy.com  – but my cat Hawkeye suggests that I keep posting here on Katzenworld too. He’s certain that you are likely to understand and appreciate cat art best.

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53 thoughts on “Portraits of Working Cats by Sue Clancy

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    My Dad is a whisky nerd so we visited a lot of distilleries on our trips around Scotland as a child. Many of them – maybe even most of them – had a resident cat or two. I remember one distillery had a cat who was incredibly advanced in years for a moggy and my Dad, of course, leapt at that as evidence that whisky is the recipe for longevity.

    • sue clancy says:

      What fun Laura! I think your Dad and I might get along well! Until working on this project I’d never thought about how useful cats could be to a distillery. Makes sense now of course. I also met a few very old distillery cats – so possibly your Dad is right about it being evidence that whisky is a recipe for longevity! Lol!

    • sue clancy says:

      I saw a number of very old cats working in distilleries… your dad may have a point about whiskey and longevity. Lol!

    • sue clancy says:

      Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun doing the D.I.Y cat. He was a cat I’d met in a hand-made wood furniture shop in the Portland Oregon USA area. The cat was “supervising” the construction of a chest of drawers. I imagined that he was thinking of how to better trap and sort mice in a device like the chest …. 😉

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