Party Animal Discriminated in a Contest

Oreo really wanted to live it up this holiday season just gone! South Beach is a party land,  “The Playground of the Americas” and the rest of the world as well, so Oreo decided to hit every party in town. His human mama Claudia and her son, teenager William, who had rescued Oreo five years ago, were only too happy to dress their favorite feline in all kinds of snazzy outfits, as befitted different events.

Oreo enjoyed an office party in a corporate suite and tie, then in the evening fooled around in a Joker’s cap, complete with jingle bells. He hit the artsy Wynwood block party in cool shades and spent a classy evening at Vizcaya Gardens, looking more elegant than Fred Astaire.

Finally, Oreo wanted to participate in the Ugly Sweater Contest right here on South Beach, but wait! On his home turf our party animal hit a glitch! Only humans allowed to participate, he was told. “As the only distinguished member of feline minority, I should have won some kind of a prize, even if my sweater was quite pretty, rather than ugly, ” – thought Oreo, but all he could say was a frustrated “Meow!”

Fortunately, an abundance of cat toys under the tree and a delicious treat made him feel all better! Happy New Year, Oreo, Claudia, and William!

I am a semi-retired educator. I love to cook and I love to write. I am trying to combine these two for no other purpose but to share some of my old favorite recipes, as well as some new inventions, and to exchange food ideas and opinions. Kosher food is just like any other food – fun to create and fun to experiment with, especially if you get kids involved!

40 thoughts on “Party Animal Discriminated in a Contest

          1. That’s beautiful! One of my cats is also tuxedo, but very fluffy as well, and gorgeous! 😻

  1. Oreo is a delight. What FANTASTIC pictures. I love his tie. Also glad to see he was a shelter cat who was part of a spay & neuter program. He wears his missing ear tip with pride & distinction. A very uplifting article.

    1. Thank you so much for you lovely comment, dear Linda! Oreo was not a shelter cat, though; he was rescued from the street by 12-year old William who convinced his mom Claudia to take the tiny mangy and hungry kitty home. Claudia was the one who joined the spay&neuter program, and it’s her pictures you see. In my humble opinion, Oreo is gorgeous, and so are the pictures!

      1. Even better that Oreo was a rescue. My very first word, according to my mom, was CAT. I can’t imagine not sharing my life with one (or several). They give us so much & ask so little – shelter, food, a fantastic tie & some cool sunglasses. Thanks again for the fun snapshot of Oreo.

  2. That definitely was discrimination. There should have been a contest for costume changes. Anyhoo…we certainly are happy that Oreo had gifts waiting for him. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    1. I’ll tell them you said so, guys and gals! Thank you for a lovely comment! Meows and loud purrs to you all!

    1. LOL Thank you, sweetheart! I’ve discovered that you and I share some favorite authors, I am so glad I have found your blog! 😻

        1. Well, in this house books multiply on their own. You leave them in the dark overnight, and in the morning you find a few more! 😻

    1. Very true. Oreo does not have the typical feline disdainful attitude, though. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that he owns a closetful of cutesy outfits, and William plays dress-up with him the way girls play with dolls.

        1. Dogs are like dolls or little children, but cats don’t usually allow this kind of demeaning attitude.

  3. I think his sweater is beautiful! And he should have been allowed in the contest! Although he was a very Kool Kat in the blue shades too. Oreo is all class!

    1. Thank you, dear Nora!We think he is adorable, and such a sweet kitty, too. I’ll tell him and his humans. 😻

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