Meet Purrdashian The Playful Cat

The year is 1998, during one of those cold months in Italy. An Italian couple is taking a walk at dusk after having a romantic dinner at a nearby hotel. It is really cold, so they walk hand in hand as they tell each other sweet “nothings.”

As they take the last stretch on their way back home, the hubby hears some commotion in a nearby thicket and alerts the wife. As the commotion grows louder, they become startled and undecided on whether to take a look or a leap.

The sounds become fainter, and the couple gains the courage to do the “looking”. Husband first, the two wade through the thickets to where the sounds were coming from. They soon hear faint meows of a cat (kitten actually).

After taking a closer look, they see a scared and bruised cat tangled in the thick branches. “How did it get there?” asks Terry. I have no clue, but it must have been pretty rough for the cat” the husband replies while reaching out to give the cat a helping hand.

wild domestic cats
How did it get there? (Photo of another cat used for illustration)

The cat resists the helping hand, perhaps a little unsure of who or what to trust. After such a rough experience, who would be so trusting? “Let me give it a try,” Terry interjects again. I don’t understand what it is with cats, ladies and kids, but after a minute or so of sweet talking, she obliged and gave in to the soothing helping hand and voice.

Head shot of a five week old Maine Coon kitten wrapped in a warm blanket.
They covered her with a warm blanket. (Photo of another cat used for illustration)

The cat must have invaded someone’s territory and received a not so good reception. The kind couple agreed to bring the cat home and nurse her injuries. Apparently, they only had a dog and no cat at home.

At home, a warm bath and a tasty meal made the slight grin on the cat’s face disappear. They cleaned up her slight wounds and administered some dewormers before covering her with a warm blanket. They then set her up for a sleep next to Tommy, the dog.

The next morning, Tommy wasn’t really thrilled with his new roommate. He felt like he was not consulted when the decision to bring the cat home was made. Does he have a choice though in such matters?

Big dog and small kitten
Tommy wasn’t really thrilled with his new roommate.

Several weeks passed by as the cat continued to recuperate under the watchful eyes of Terry and Jon. Let us say Tommy was not too bothered to care. The cat was named Purrdashian by the way. She had a little bit of attitude and swagger about her. Did I mention her love for play? Even in her misery, you could feel if she wanted to run up and down the stairs all day and chase Tommy’s tail plus her own all day. She got a stern warning from him once in a while though.

Big dog and little kitten
Tommy was not too bothered to care.

Purrdashian soon lit up the house and won over Tommy with her cheekiness and fun. She hated it when John read a book out loud. She would just give John a continuous stare without blinking as a way of informing him that she hated it when John read the book aloud. If this didn’t work, she would climb onto the book and nimble onto her ‘dad’s’ fingers. What a cheeky fellow.

Cute siberian cat walking in the forest
She is all grown up now. She walks majestically around.

During the third month, Purrdashian developed some kind of bladder infections symptoms and a sensitive stomach. When taken to the vet, for tests to be done, she refused to give in to the vet’s and Terry’s sweet words to give some urine samples. I told you she had an attitude.

Just as the vet takes out a needle to force the pee out, she unleashed a sea of pee onto the vet. Then she grinned and looked the vet in the eye. It was like she was telling the vet “there is your sample.” She had no infections. The vet advised John and Terry to always feed her on cat food for sensitive stomachs to deal with her stomach sensitivity.

Tabby cat with gigantic yawn
Got you there Doc!

By the fourth month, Purrdashian and Tommy had become “besties.” Always taking walks together, sleeping together and even sharing meals together. After the reception she got, who would have thought they would be friends?

Cat and dog sitting together in the yard
Don’t worry; big bro has got your back.

The unfortunate event leading to the meeting of this lovely family of four must have been scripted somewhere in heaven. John, Terry, Tommy and Purrdashian become one happy family with its fair share of drama.

The cat would sometimes wake them in the middle of the night with constant meows and just stare at them after waking up. She stares for about a quarter an hour and then goes back to sleep without uttering a word or meow.

Dog and cat best friends playing together outdoor
The drama queen is making Tommy do some cleaning for her.

Then there was this time when the family bought a Harry Porter portrait for decorating the wall (they were big fans). That night, the portrait was left in the living room, to be hanged somewhere the next morning.

At night, they were woken up by growling and scrambling sounds from the living room. When they got there, they found the cat dragging Harry Porter along. As Terry called out Purr! She ran off like hell.

Whatever her reasons could have been and where she was taking the portrait was anyone’s guess. Or maybe she was disappointed in the couple’s choice of movies, or she wanted it in her room. She has not told anyone though.

This union of convenience does not seem to end anytime soon. It is one that will continue for a very long time. Parents poke fun at their two ‘kids’ as the kids make a living a little hard for them.

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12 thoughts on “Meet Purrdashian The Playful Cat

  1. foguth says:

    Great story! I’m amazed that Purrdashian doesn’t seem to like people reading aloud – our pets all love that, in fact it’s one thing that inspires Purrseidon to settle down and cuddle.

  2. Stareofthedog says:

    Very cute little picture there. We used to have a cat and an German Shepherd at home together as pets. They got on brilliantly. She – the cat – used to lick his ears, whilst he used to somewhat randomly and entirely innocently put her whole head in his mouth…Just got the one Labrador now though, he’s quite enough to blog about.

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