Hello from Tabatha’s Travels :)

Hello everyone!

My name is Tabatha and I am one cute cuddly kitty who travels the world with my crazy owner Kat 🙂

We are currently in China for a year, however have managed to travel to many different places in the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Europe and America.

I have been by Kat’s side for almost 27 years and let me tell you, those 27 years have been amazing. I was such a lucky kitty when Kat decided to buy me with her pocket money (a whole £ 2.50) all those years ago. I was sitting in my kitty basket thinking that nobody would ever buy me and give me a loving home…then a little girl with blonde hair came into the shop and completely fell in love with me. The rest as they say is history…

Since then I have accompanied Kat on school trips, university in Manchester, various holidays and for the past five years we have been travelling the world 🙂

This little kitty could not be happier 🙂

Follow my latest travel news on https://tabathastravelssite.wordpress.com

We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the hopes to expand.

Thank you for reading! Cute travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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