About The Cat on the Gas Stove cooking Pasta?

The Cat on the Stove

Solitude should be that meddlesome

Magical Nosy Aunty’s voice that sneaks

into your ear which is aching from some

Mean comment from a friend or the toxic

Office, to remind you of that packet of

Forgotten white pasta sauce in the fridge

And that one yellow capsicum and the

Cup of peas with two large tomatoes just

Waiting to turn into the pasta that you could

Cook, only the butter & cream cat has plonked

Down on the kitchen stove, so you decide

To wail your woes to her instead, and the

Gruesome hour vanishes as the cat on the

Stove, certainly does not cook your pasta

For you, no way, but feeds you anyway with

The very expensive unaffordable unending

Well of innocence slathered with its walls

Of tenderness and Zen feasts and buns that only

your maddening cat on the stove can feed you!

Daksha Hathi

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27 thoughts on “About The Cat on the Gas Stove cooking Pasta?

    1. thank you very much! I love Ginger cats! My friend here had a ginger tom who used to baby sit each and every motherless kitten who came to his shelter!

    1. thank you very much Andrea! And yet there are people here who still think that cats are selfish and sly and dangerous!

      1. Exactly. I ‘forgot’ and placed my book down on top of a blanket yesterday. The cat was hiding inside and was extremely offended with me! She left in a snit and hasn’t returned to visit me (except to get her wet snack.).

    1. No. She generally prefers to squash the plants in the garden. This was a very rare spell which lasted two whole days and then vanished! Since she would not cook for me, she did not get burned!

        1. weird she hasn’t done it again. she is just furious about the little kitten who has come from a market and is busy whining about that

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