Renegade: Orange is my colour so these must be for me!

Hi everyone,

I am back for another fabulous food feature! Because you know eating is my favourite hobby. ; D

In fact the humans complaint when I ask for my second breakfast, 11 o’clock snack, pre-lunch, lunch, after lunch, afternoon tea, pre dinner, dinner, after dinner and midnight snack! But surely they must know that a growing lad needs to have all of those meals right?

Renegade: I think these purrfectly match my fur colour so I am sorry siblings but I’ll keep all of these for me. 😀

Renegade: HUMANS! What did I say about being a growing lad… this doesn’t look like it’s enough at all. :O

Renegade: I am sure this is only about 10 crunches… 🙁

Renegade: But! They taste nice. I guess I’ll have to ration them if they don’t give me more. 😮

Renegade: Oh and did I mention that you all can win some for your kitties as well?

Renegade: The only term is that you have to be based in the UK! (Apologies cats in other countries but with import restrictions on food being funny in some countries we had to go for this option)

Renegade: What we are giving away?

  • 1 x bag of IAMS Proactive health (for either cat or dog)
  • 3 x bags of IAMS Minis for dogs/IAMS Delights for cats

Renegade: Yes you can take part even if you got woofies. 😀

IAMS Proactive Health for Dogs and Cats provides high quality animal protein, in the form of chicken and turkey, as its number one ingredient. What’s more, IAMS Proactive Health offers dogs1 24% more protein and cats247% more animal protein than the top two leading brands3 to help build strong muscles and support a pet’s skin and coat.

Available in tasty Chicken for Dogs and Succulent Roast Chicken, New Zealand Lamb and Chicken, Wild Ocean Fish and Chicken, and Norwegian Salmon and Chicken for Cats, IAMS Proactive Health offers tailored nutrition to support your pet from their junior years all the way through to mature and senior.


Renegade: Entries are accepted until the end of the 15th of December so hurry for the sake of your fur friends!

Signed by,

Prince Renegade the Maker of Chaos

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