Wet Food War! Cats crave those cans constantly..what happens when it runs out?

This tale begins late last night when Hannah realizes Patches has run out of cat food. She makes a mental note to buy some tomorrow morning, and heads to sleep after filling up his dry food.

Little did she know, the impact this would make. The wrath of Patch starts at about 5 a.m. “It is time for my wet food” He mews loudly at Hannah while she rests. “Shh, we don’t have any more.” She calmly responds. “But I need it for breakfast!” Patch howls. “You have other food. It’s okay.” She pets him and settles down. “I NEED IT right meowW!!” Patch cannot contain himself any longer. 

Hannah very exhausted, shows him the bowl full of dry food and freshens his water. She also decides to let him out of the room to be mad away from her face.

It always interests me why cats act they are starving when they run out of wet food. i understand that it is delicious with the gravy and it probably tastes much better than the dry food – however, patches’ reaction and other cats in my life make me wonder what is really in the wet food to make them so angry when it’s gone. growing up with cats my whole life, i am aware that they need routine. patches is used to getting wet food first thing in the morning, but the fact that he wouldn’t calm down or go back to sleep surprised me! in the future when he only has one can left, i will buy more so he doesn’t miss a meal. 

 Hello and MEow! This post was written by Hannah with inspiration from her cat, Patches. You can find more of their posts on hannahshappenings.net – there is an entire page dedicated to Patches and other cat posts. He often takes over the laptop to bring his own thoughts about cathood! Patches has been in Hannah’s life for almost 3 years now 🙂 He was adopted from a shelter near where she lived and they have been inseparable! We hope you enjoyed this post about the terrors of running out of wet cat food.


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11 thoughts on “Wet Food War! Cats crave those cans constantly..what happens when it runs out?

  1. Michael Seidel says:

    My weeks are planned around ensuring the beasts are satisfied with their wet food offerings. In a way, that makes them like gods to me, and I’m giving them offerings to appease them.

  2. Suze says:

    we have two cats…both adoptions from shelters. We tried to keep them inside, but the little brats discovered the dog door. Then they discovered the neighbors. They now hit four houses each morning for breakfast and do a wonderful imitation of a “starving cat” so they get the good stuff. They stopped going to one house as the owner thought “dry” food was good enough for my moochers. I swear we DO feed them.

    • hannanabanana says:

      Haha! My parents’ cat does the same thing – he eats the dry food across the street because the neighbor leaves it out for start cats..he is supposed to be losing weight with healthy wet food 😮

    • hannanabanana says:

      Haha! My parents’ cat does the same thing – he eats the dry food across the street because the neighbor leaves it out for stray cats. He is supposed to be losing weight from healthy wet food 😮

  3. mvaden1948 says:

    What is it about 5 am? Their little bodies have some kind of internal clock. Even when I tried to switch breakfast to later when I retired…nope, not gonna happen. A couple of weeks ago I explained that due to our philanthropy (feeding a neighbor’s cat) we were completely out until the Safeway delivery came. Well, he kept watching out the window and when finally the truck pulled up and I opened the door there was a streak of black as Diavolo dashed out to meet the delivery. Actually he probably wasn’t greeting the Safeway guy but just wanted out to go beg at the neighbors it did seem like he was really glad to see the delivery man. Since then I have signed up with chewy.com, a pet food delivery service and we’ll never run out again. Unless we have an overabundance of vagrants begging for our delicious wet food….which is the same kind we got at the grocery store but less expensive…and free delivery ?

    • hannanabanana says:

      Wow thats amazing! I love that she actually waited by the window – I have a grocery store real nearby so I can walk to when we are running low but sometimes time gets the best of me ?

  4. Tigger Haywood says:

    Sounds very familiar! Not for me, of course. I’ve always been faultless. But my sister Tammy has strict food preferences, and if her currently favourite food (she changes every couple of weeks) isn’t available, she simply goes on a hunger strike – no tantrums, no noise; just passive resistance. As she’s thin and elderly anyway, this frightens the crap out of Mum, and before you know it, the required food appears! She has this down to a very fine art, to the point where she gets wet food pretty much any time of the day, with minimum effort on her part. An example to us all….

    • Hannah Galloway says:

      a hunger strike is very submissive – just silently resisting. I’m not sure if I would prefer Patches to be silent and not eating or meowing angrily

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