Persistence by Joe Longo


by Joe Longo

Persistence is a lesson my husband and I learned from our sweet black cat: Baby Kitty

Baby kitty had a kitty friend that would come by and the two would bat playfully with each other under our patio door for hours. One day the other kitty stopped coming by. Baby Kitty sat and waited patiently for weeks, staring at the opening under the door. Then one day the other kitty returned, and Baby Kitty resumed batting with his friend.

Baby Kitty always has dry food. But in the evening around five o’clock we give him a treat, tuna fish from a can. He starts rubbing our legs around 4:30 and looks at us with his big eyes reminding us it’s time. He is a mild-mannered cat but insistent in his sweet way when it is time for his treat. He does not stop until the tuna is placed in his favorite blue bowl.

Two kittens were added to our family, Cookie and Marlowe. Baby Kitty wasn’t too happy with the additions. One evening Baby Kitty started meowing and importuning us with his big eyes. We couldn’t understand what he wanted. He did not want to go on the patio to play; he had had his treat. But he had stationed himself by the front door, a place he never stood, and kept insisting that we play attention to him. But we could not figure out what he wanted. His meowing grew louder and more insistent, and he began to scratch at the door. I went to he door; opened it; and one of the kittens, Marlowe, was standing on the front steps shivering. He had somehow gotten out of the house. Once Marlowe was inside, Baby Kitty looked up at me and his big eyes were smiling.

Baby Kitty taught us persistence.

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8 thoughts on “Persistence by Joe Longo

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Had a simiiar experience with my two – kitchen and bathroom are out of bounds when I am not in there (do not want litterbox paws on my surfaces in the kitchen and do not want my cats to play with the washing machine hose) – so I was really astonished my tom sat in front of the kitchen door and meowed loudly. No other meow was to be heard – but when I opened the kitchen door, out burst my little tortie … FunTom missed his companion and after that – ignored her for the rest of the evening …

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  3. Linda Smith says:

    Always trust the instincts of the cat … & the things they’re trying to tell us. They are amazing creatures. We learn so much from them. Our Phoebe is asthmatic & gets her medication in the morning first thing wrapped in a treat. She is very patient unless I sleep a little too long & she comes & wakes me up. I’d like to think she is very diligent about getting her medicine on time but I suspect it’s more about the treat it’s wrapped in. Loved your post.

  4. Ana Mari Pérez Marín says:

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    Thank you very much!

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