Cats at The Bar: With the colder times…

Hi everyone,

We are back for another cute entry in Cats at the Bar to help us all get over the hump day! And with the temperatures starting to drop now Dusty Bunny sure has the right idea… stay near a warm fire!

Me? I am just warming up. 😉

Have you got a cute photo to share? Let us know!

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12 thoughts on “Cats at The Bar: With the colder times…

  1. rhcwilliams says:

    Hi, Marc-Andre,

    Your blog is one of my go-to feel-good blogs, so thanks for that!

    On a side note, the new lay-out is a bit of a challenge for people with low vision like me – the sidebar with social media icons obscures the text and pictures when we zoom in so we can see better. Not a criticism; just wanted to let you know as a fellow blogger.

    Thanks for always giving us all such a happy place to visit!

    Be well,


    • Marc-André says:

      Hey Ruth. Glad you see us as a place to come for feel goods. 🙂

      Could you send me a screenshot of what it looks like on your screen so I can get this reviewed with WordPress? ^^

      Best email is as that goes to the whole team.


      • rhcwilliams says:

        Oh, I don’t think there’s anything you need to change, Marc – it’s probably only an issue for readers like me who have to zoom in to magnify the text, to about 200%. It won’t be an issue for the majority of your fans.

        The icon bar at the side (with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) ends up covering some of the text and pix. Sorry to leave out the rest of the team in my comment! Hugs to all. 🙂

        • Marc-André says:

          No problem! It’s still something WordPress should fix. I’ll pass it on to them. 🙂

          And if you ever fancy doing a guest post let us know. ^^

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