HYPER JAPAN Christmas Returns to Tobacco Dock – A Cat Lovers perspective

Hi everyone,

As many of you probably know Iain and myself absolutely love Japan and travel there almost every year. This of course means that our twice a year HYPER JAPAN festivals in London are a highlight not to be missed!

The HYPER Japan Christmas event is just around the corner and we simply can’t wait for it! But before we give you the details for this event we’d love to share with you some of the things we found at the summer event. : )

One of the first stalls we stopped by last year had a lovely selection of Japanese Maneki Neko figurines. I really wanted to take them all home but as it stands our place is quite full with cat ornaments already. 😉

One of our personal highlights every year is to check out the latest cat themed items at Doki Tableware! They are a Japanese ceramic shop based in North London and if you are looking for some cat themed mugs, plates, bowls or even a whole tea set they’ve got you covered. 🙂

However… our personal favorite at the summer event has got to be the amazing candy art by Mrs. Candy-G’s. She handcrafted animal shaped lollypops at the event with a choice of flavours. Of course we went for getting a couple of cats made! Though as you can imagine we’ve still not eaten them as they are just too cute. 😮

Of course a trip to HYPER JAPAN wouldn’t be complete without picking up at least one, two or even three cat themed T-Shirts for our collection! Luckily Marc from Fuzzballs (yes another Marc with a c! :D) had a stall with loads of cat themed apparel and accessory so we picked up another couple of T-Shirts. 🙂

Since it was the Summer event we also got our Yukatas out of the cupboard! These are traditionally worn to festivals in Japan so it only seemed fitting for this event. 😀

Of course not everything we looked at was just about cats. One cool thing we looked at was Ikebana which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

We hope to get to meet some of you at the event and of course will be reporting back with all the cat things we found at the event! 🙂

Please find below details for what’s on at the Christmas event!


The UK’s one-stop shop for Japanese-themed Christmas shopping is back 

HYPER JAPAN, the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and cool, returns to London’s Tobacco Dock from 24th – 26th November. Now in its 7th year, this event continues to bring a taste of Japanese tradition, modernity and the latest trends to the heart of our city.

This year’s event boasts a variety of performers, special guests, exhibitors, food stalls, creative workshops – and most importantly – plenty of kawaii and kooky gift ideas. The ultimate destination to discover truly unique presents for the festive season.

For the first time, HYPER JAPAN is bringing Illuminight to the UK, a festival of lights which sees traditional Japanese ‘akari’ lantern crafts get a modern makeover, created by up-and-coming artists. Visitors will also be lucky enough to see the Ukiyo-e Gallery, also known as ‘pictures of the floating world’. As a well-known part of Japanese culture, digital technology will bring the prints to life, showcasing them as they looked 200 years ago before their colours faded.

Those who love a Japanese inspired tipple can again take part in the voting for the annual Sake Cocktail Awards this Christmas. Each day, talented mixologists will create cocktails for visitors to try in hope they’ll vote for them as their favourite. For foodies, there’s something to whet every appetite, with stalls offering culinary delights – from hot Japanese curry to traditional wagashi sweets.

HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 will also see the launch of the Ramen Experience, so people can try four different dishes and understand the differences each one brings to the table. Once all four dishes have been sampled, visitors will vote for their favourite and receive a bowl of the ramen to enjoy.

Tech fans are in for a treat thanks to the gaming areas at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas. The retro-gaming area takes you back to the consoles of the 80s and 90s where visitors can play on old-school games. For those creative minds, the Nintendo Switch is an open platform where developers are encouraged to produce their own games for the console in line with the ‘Nindie’ movement.

Shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas gift will enjoy browsing the wide variety of exhibitors. From traditional Japanese crafts, artwork and kimonos, to the latest anime goods, kawaii clothing and accessories, you won’t be stumped to find the perfect present for the person who has everything!

For those who would rather go DIY, HYPER JAPAN offers numerous craft courses in its creative studio, ranging from paint-your-own kistune (fox) masks, to kokeshi doll decoration.

The HYPER JAPAN live stage will see performances from a selection of Japanese talent, from pop music to dance performances.

HYPER JAPAN Christmas is a truly unique event offering fun, food and culture for the whole family. From the dedicated Japanophile, to those simply seeking a tasty treat or an alternative gift to the standard socks, scarves and pants this year, the market at Tobacco Dock has something for everyone.

General entry tickets for Friday and pre 2.30pm on Saturday are £15 

Tickets for post 2.30pm on Saturday and all day Sunday are £17 

For more information on ticketing, please visit: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/tickets/

HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 will take place at

The Tobacco Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2DA 

www.hyperjapan.co.uk | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | #HyperJapan


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19 thoughts on “HYPER JAPAN Christmas Returns to Tobacco Dock – A Cat Lovers perspective

  1. Mental Break-In Progress says:

    Love! 😀 <3 Japan is one place I have always wanted to visit and then tie that in with my love of cats and these picture just look like heaven to me lol It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing. It was fun to go on the journey with you 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you :). My partner and I go to this event every year. On top of going to japan every year as well. If you ever need any tips let me know.

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