Celebrity Star Search!

We, Colette and Simone or the Cats Who Write, and of course our human, are looking for a cast of very special felines. We shall be looking for photos of fantastic felines to feature in a series of stories. Ordinary photos are all considered but we also hope to find some unique talent out there. We know we won’t be disappointed as you are each a star in your own right. We would just like the opportunity to embellish the facts or shall we say, the facts as we purr-ceive them.

If the information is provided, we should be able to credit the photographer and link back to them. However, thee actual felines story may vary in translation…
It is our purr-found hope that you will trust us to find the true story lurking inside the photo.

Trust us to reveal the inner you that even your dearest friends and adoring humans may not have been aware of.
We shall look forward to getting to know all you brave felines who seize the day and accept the challenge.

Send us your photos and let your inner star shine! Please send your photos, and links, to our resident human and we shall direct her. Email: feuetglace11@gmail.com

Au revoir, Colette, Simone and the human

Disclaimer: All mistakes are due to human error and will be dealt with.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Star Search!

    • Léa says:

      It isn’t a competition but a series with famous felines and their stories with each post in the series. Thank you for stopping by.

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