I thought it was about time I introduced you to Bubu, our very first Eastern European rescue. Without him and his gentle ways, we would never have brought over another eight cats from both Romania and Bulgaria.

Bubu and his mother were being fed outside, where they spent most of their time living under a parked car. Then one day the rescuer found Bubu seriously injured, having been kicked very hard. The vet operated to repair a ruptured diaphragm and also to “unstick” his liver from his heart. He stopped breathing for a long time, but the vet refused to give up and miraculously he survived. She and I are now friends on Facebook.

We brought him over just before Christmas 2012. A few months later we adopted Bijou as a playmate and they are besotted with one another. He has welcomed each and every other rescue the same way and we would be lost without him. He loves nothing more than to sleep in my arms all night and to ride on our shoulders. Still playful at the age of five, he adores going round our old house, checking in every corner for spiders. It’s not unusual to come downstairs in the morning to find a disassembled spider on the kitchen floor.

Zookeeper and amateur photographer.

32 thoughts on “Bubu

  1. You were, indeed, most fortunate to have Bubu rescue you. Yes, I do realize that many humans feel they are the ones who do the rescuing but we shall just let them go on thinking so as long as they behave… Mademoiselle Colette and Madame Simone

  2. Bubu looks just like my brother Bilbo, also a gentle soul (except to spiders, rodents and rabbits). I’m so glad you rescued him!

        1. Sadly it’s a reflection of the world today and why we now have nine cats from Eastern Europe. It breaks my heart that we can’t adopt any more 🙁

        1. “Spiders are supposed to be lucky” – never heard of that, but I don’t think the owner of the unattached legs that I hoovered up the other was very lucky 😀

  3. Beautiful story Zooey. Poor Bubu had such a traumatic start to his life. It’s amazing that he’s such a lovely boy now after that. You must’ve shown him lots of care and love. He’s beautiful inside and out. ❤️

    1. It’s all down to the cats and their rescuers. We have nine from Eastern Europe and six of those have been abused. The rescuers show them so much love that the cats are totally transformed 🙂

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