Purrsday Poetry: The pregnant Tortoise Shell Cat

She was a beautiful tortoise-shell kitty.

Pregnant, hungry and scared, such a pity.

She ran past

in a flash.

I put out some food.

She gobbled it up and her mood improved.

But, then she ran away and hid.

I fed her every day, I did.

One day, I heard soft mewing from behind the shed.

There, I saw two orange kittens with eyes not open yet.

I came inside to ask my husband if I could keep them.

He gave a resounding, “No!” But, I knew him.

I went back outside, she had already moved one away.

I thought maybe it was best for me not to disturb them anyway.

I went back in so she could get her second baby

And re-unite her small family.

But, the evening wore on and it was getting chilly.

I went outside and there was one lonesome kitty.

I took him in, fed him, and gave him a peck.

He climbed up my chest and nestled into my neck.

He slept all night in a box on a towel,

Not making a yowl. He has a nice home now.

My neighbor helped to feed the tortoise-shell kitty too.

And we named her Mama Kitty. It seemed the right thing to do.

She went on to have other litters before we could get her spayed.

But, her last litter, she finally trusted us and so she stayed.

We could pet and hold them, but still not her.

She was too wild, I’m sure.

Her brood is with us now–her 3 colored kitties.

One gray, one orange, and one tortoise-shell beauty.

But she has gone on to where all good kitties go.

Sweet Mama Kitty, we loved you so!

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