#Infographic: 5 Ways To Exercise Your Indoor Cat

Many cat owners choose to keep their feline family indoors and the trend is increasing in the UK. Road dangers, risks of disease, cat theft and protecting the wildlife are some of the reasons behind this increasing trend in the UK. One of the downsides of keeping a cat indoors is the risk of obesity, but there are ways you can work to prevent it.

1.Rotate cat toys so they keep your cats interest and stop them from getting bored. Bring out one or two toys at a time and choose toys that will encourage movement. There are plenty on the market but you can also make your own. There are plenty of excellent homemade cat toys ideas found on Pinterest, click the link for some inspiration.

2.Invest in a laser pointer, cats love them. They’re cheap, fun and ideal for getting your cat running and jumping in any direction you choose.

3.Expand the play space by using cat fencing or a catio. Secure cat enclosures provide access to fresh air and increase the amount of space available to your cat but provide you with peace of mind knowing your cat is safe from harm and risks.

4.Make the use of the vertical space in your home and provide your cat with different levels to jump to and from. Cats love getting up high so consider adding some cat friendly tall furniture, shelves and cat towers.

5.Move the food around to different locations, varying in height. Make your cat jump in order to get to their food, every little calorie burnt is a bonus. If your cat is already overweight you should go to the vet and discuss the issue and they will provide you with information on feeding options and the correct amounts of food to feed.

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