Oliver & Nubia: Another box of purple worms arrives!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today and look! Another box filled with those tasty and fun little purple worms has arrived.


Nubia: Now come on humans… open this up for me! 😀


Nubia: To my human, Oliver and ME. But why did we have to have Oliver mentioned in there… he is always up to no good!


Nubia: This was actually the summer box from last year but silly brother hid this post somewhere in our archive so there will soon be another summer box post! 😮


Nubia: What’s that!!!! That looks like a CAT TOY! 😮


Nubia: *Claws at purple worms* What else is in here…


Nubia: There must be something else in here… I can smell it!


Nubia: CATNIP lip balm??? I may just have to eat my humans if they use that… 😮 Or maybe I should settle for the encore instead!


Nubia: That looks cute… what is it? A luggage tag?!? 😀


Nubia: Look at all those goodies! The human + kitty add-on boxes contain a mix of stuff for the crazy cat lady and always come with a few things for us! 😀

Oliver: What’s happening over here…


Oliver: Let’s see what’s in there for ME! 😀

Oliver: ALL MINE!!!!


Nubia: But Oliver… I was here first! PLUS there is a lot of stuff there for the humans you don’t want to steal their stuff… or they may not order your favourite crunchies. ;o


Nubia: Right… I am exhausted now after all of this. 😮 But before I go don’t forget to head over to MyPurrfectGiftBox to check out their pawesome boxes! 😀

Nubia: See you all later!

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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