Dirk the Rocket Cat

The MelloCat Rocket Roller is one of those toys I wasn’t quite sure of initially. I mean, it looks like a rocket (complete with take-off smoke) which is sort of cool. But rockets and cats?

Once again, Dirk took me by surprise and was immediately taken with this toy.

Give me that, I know it’s for me!

I’m sure you all know what Dirk is going to do with this toy! Yes, that’s right: give it a good kick 😉 And he can be really quite ferocious when kicking it so this is a proper workout for his hind legs. The toy is quite large: he can easily grab hold of one side and then kick the other side of the rocket.

My favourite thing is to send it ‘flying’ through the house so Dirk can go and chase it. He doesn’t really let go of this toy very easily though. I guess he’s happy he’s our only cat because sharing toys would be a serious problem…

Look at me and my cool rocket! We’re totally going places 🙂
(No, not really Dirk, you just look silly)

The MelloCat Rocket Roller is handmade and it looks amazing. It’s really well made and quite sturdy, it can take a lot of kicks! Any cats that love kicking toys and want to look cool doing it: this is your toy 🙂

Going to take a nap now, but don’t even think you can have the rocket back now!

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This is me with my lovely cat Dirk! Let me tell you something about both of us.
I work as a cat sitter for Cat Care London and am basically surrounded by cats 24/7! I also occassionally walk dogs or board hamsters or rabbits, which Dirk doesn’t seem to care about at all!
Dirk is roughly 8 years old. I got him 6 years ago from a shelter. Dirk is truly the most loving and lovable cat I know. He is very interested in people and loves being cuddled a lot. Dirk spends most of his time relaxing with me or anywhere around the house really. He is also quite playful and loves the games that involve interaction the most.


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14 thoughts on “Dirk the Rocket Cat

    1. I have to admit Dirk is a bit spoilt…. I think I have to take full responsibility for it 😉

  1. I get the same response Dirk shows the rocket toy from my kitty Andy when I toss him an empty paper towel tube. His brother, Dougy, however, runs away from the same tube. He used to play with those tubes, too, but apparently had a bad experience with one at some later time. Weird! I’ve given them stuffed catnip toys like the rocket that elicited no play response.

    1. Too bad Dougy won’t play with empty tubes or stuffed catnip toys. Dirk is not intersted in empty paper towel tubes, unless I put treats in them! He doesn’t play with them though.
      Perhaps Dougy would be more into fishing rod style toys?

    1. Very true! Dirk mostly loves chasing fishing rod style toys or the ones he can give a good kick.

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