Tummy Rub Friday Art Cat

In honor of Tummy Rub Tuesday, I present the flopsy Friday Art Cat who doesn’t seem to mind a little bit of tummy rubbing. Mostly, she tolerates a belly scruff as a courtesy to her human, But if there’s too much contact, one might receive a love bite.

Yellow Tummy Cat; watercolor by Carol Parker Mittal

So tempting is the furry belly, that one has to be careful that it’s not a trap designed to lure in the unsuspecting hand to be shredded!

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan who was sitting in an  armchair trying to type this post with a cat upon her head.  You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 

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When in doubt, add a kitty.


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12 thoughts on “Tummy Rub Friday Art Cat

  1. Funny, I was just thinking of that! Cats seem to be asking to have their tummies rubbed, but in fact, they aren’t, because they wouldn’t give you that love bit otherwise. I got a love bite just today, in fact. So interesting. 🙂

  2. We currently have a cat who does not seem to have that internal (stop rubbing my tummy) instinct. I think that my hand could fall off before she decided it was enough 🙂

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