Choosing the Best Toys for Your Cat

Cats are often considered to be snobbish, but they are very loyal and playful if they are treated the right way. Being related to wild animals like tigers, cats too have some habits possessed by wild animals, such as, scratching, climbing and hunting. However, such habits are developed through natural instincts. Apart from this, cats love to be played with.

Along with proper food and health care, these little feline pets also need some form of entertainment. Pet lovers know well that markets out there are full of various forms of toys for pets, but not all these toys are worth buying. Choosing the best toy for your cat isn’t hard if you know a good cat shop like  Here are a few toys every cat owner must buy in order to keep their cats stimulated and entertained.

Da Bird    

This is a very common, yet, the most fascinating toy for almost all the cats. It is a rod with feathers which imitates the sounds of a bird while it flies like one. This toy makes the cat active, as well as, allows it to follow its natural hunting instinct. Although very simple, this is one of the best toys for cats.

Photo Credit: Doctors Foster and Smith

Crinkle Balls

Cats love playing with crinkle balls. These balls produce rustling sounds as the cats roll them around here and there. Since, a crinkle ball is light in weight, your cat can easily carry it around in its mouth.

Photocredit: Catster

Chase the Mouse

It is an interactive puzzle consisting of a mouse enclosed in a plastic ball that has holes to allow the cat to struggle catching the mouse. Cats stay busy for hours chasing the fake mouse. This can really keep your cat entertained and occupied for a long time.

Mewvie Birdland Bonanza

This is basically a DVD containing a video of chirping birds set in an outdoor environment. Cats love to watch this DVD. It can be played in continuous mode for those cats that can sit in front of the TV for hours. This DVD may also arouse cats’ interest in watching TV in general.

Cat Tree or Scratch Poll

This toy for cats is a must have if your pet has the habit of scratching too much. The cat tree allows for both scratching as well as climbing. Similarly, scratch polls serve the same purpose.

When selecting best toys for your cat, do keep in mind, your cat’s breed and age. These two factors count a lot. Moreover, toys not only provide entertainment, but also keep the cat healthy and fit. Although there are several toys for cats, it is best to involve yourself with your cat when it plays with these toys. Cats want your time; make them exercise and play with the toys.

Cats can make loyal and lively pets if proper environment is provided to them. Entertainment is their necessity for a happy and healthy life.

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20 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Toys for Your Cat

  1. Ana Mari Pérez Marín says:

    There is a total lack of knowledge of the behavior of cats. THEY ARE NOT SNOSBS, NOR DO THEY HAVE ALL THE VICES ATTRIBUTED BY HUMANS. ARE JUST CATS!

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Ana that was meant to be a funny take on cat behaviour and I think was a bit too UK centric in choice of words. Apologies. :/

  2. RoseyToesSews says:

    Being a multi-cat household, we’ve also found that some cats will love a certain toy, while others don’t bother with it at all. Although things like Da Bird, and good quality catnip/valerian toys are loved by them all.

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  4. meowmeowmans says:

    We’re big fans of Da Bird here, too. We also like the Cat Dancer and our little mouse on a wire toy. 🙂

  5. Clare Hemington says:

    In my experience cats have very individual preferences when it comes to toys, and it might take a bit of trial and error to find the ones that your cat enjoys playing with!

    To keep your cat interested in his toys, it’s a good idea to keep them all in a seal-able bag along with some loose catnip and loose valerian leaves (you can use the leaves from valerian teabags that you buy in the supermarket). Then rotate the toys, bringing one or two out randomly each day.

    • Marc-André says:

      Very good extra tips indeed. We always keep them in reusable bags but didn’t think about further infusing them with herbs. 😀

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