Controversies of Pet food industry – US

We people being fastidious while choosing a right food for us then why we are not concerned while selecting our pet’s food carefully? Past few years, many heated discussions are going on on pet food industries. It puts all the pet owners in confusion of whom to believe while buying food for their pet.
While the pet food companies gave us a warm feeling about the food they are selling are really good and we are making a good choice, for the health of our lovely animal companions the question is are they really a good choice? Generally, we take products of well-known companies but big companies are now overlapping smaller companies and it becomes difficult to understand exactly from where the actual products come from. Where its ingredients come in. In general, it’s seen that “Made in USA” tagged product don’t always include ingredients coming from the USA.
So to choose a healthy product for our pet, important thing is to be more skeptical and educate ourselves. Here in an infographic named“19 controversies about the pet food industry”, creators given such 19 controversies that surround pet food industry. For e.g. how multinational companies are buying smaller companies to silence online critics caused against them or the labels on products are isn’t always correct and pet food grades aren’t consistent. There are many similar questions which need to be answered and this infographic has tried the best to answer them all. Have a look.


Source: TopDogTips

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34 thoughts on “Controversies of Pet food industry – US

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  2. tippysmom2 says:

    Good information, but what is a pet owner to do? It sounds like there is no way to know which products are good or bad. I don’t understand why the FDA would go to all of the trouble and expense of testing products if they aren’t going to do anything about violations. I guess the threat of a possible recall may make the manufacturers at least not be blatant at putting out a bad product, but….

    • Marc-André says:

      I know what you mean. This seems to work a lot better in the UK… in fact on the pet show this weekend just gone I spoke to a pet food company that’s from the US originally and they said they moved their production to Europe as they trust the chain of sourcing to making it for them here much more than in the US…

  3. Sheila Moss says:

    Some scary findings here. I lay down over $80 for 48 cans of prescription food (24 day supply) for my cat. It is absolutely ridiculous. But prior to going on the food, she would not eat and was skin and bones, starving herself to death. The manufacturers really take advantage of our love for animals. Sad.

  4. sledpress says:

    This is an excellent site for people concerned about what they are feeding. The site owner is an “in your face” activist who attends industry meetings when she can get in, and publishes a yearly list of foods that make the grade.
    There is up to date information there about recalls, lawsuits and violations. I’m a little behind on my following it myself, and I see it’s even easier to navigate than formerly.

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    • Marc-André says:

      Not necessarily a friend of mine has a healthy cat that lives of cheap not good food and is now 24. But he is just lucky that his boy has been fine on food that vets would always recommend against. And I don’t think it’s all the brands…

  6. justastar100billion says:

    Oh, I know! My boyfriend and I have been on the pet food hunt for months before we fund something that was actually healthy for our babies. We still supplement their dry kibble with fresh ingredients like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, oatmeal, lightly cooked beef and chicken, and celery.

    Thanks for helping to inform other pet parents. 🙂

  7. artseafartsea says:

    It’s a crime or should be when pet food industries are so blatantly careless in dealing with pet food, causing sickness and even death in our beloved pets. We should hold them accountable especially for the food sold to us by vets and charging exhortitant prices.


  9. fromtypeatotypeahh says:

    Mass produced pet food is the source of most pet health problems. I prepare the food for my 5 cats. I source the ingredients. I study the literature on species specific requirements. I adjust their diet based upon how they respond. Who will care more about my cats’ diet than me. My cats are 17, 9, 8. Their coats are beautiful they play like kittens their weights have returned to normal. I used to work for a vet. I can tell you they receive little to no education on nutrition other than what the manufacturers pay for. How is this possible since what they eat is literally the foundation of their health. I have fed homemade diets for decades. I got busy a few years ago and thought their are so many “natural” foods I can just purchase. I did not even recognize my sluggish, overweight, and greasy cats. I will never sacrifice them again by turning over their nutrition to some nameless corporation.

  10. The Chaos Realm says:

    I won’t get into my “beef” with the vet industry here, but I actually knew someone (a fellow animal rescue worker) firsthand whose dog had died because of the Science Diet food (that recall back in…early 2000s).

  11. artseafartsea says:

    I reblogged this on my blog on Word Press. I think it’s important for as many pet owners to know what to expect from the Pet Industry regarding their using inferior products and causing problems for our beloved pets!

  12. angela1313 says:

    Great infographic. It was years ago a human food product safety person referred me to a government website. Someone was proposing legislation to better monitor the food supply chain in pet food. It was just after the big problem with melamine in milk which killed pets and infants. The government was taking input from the public on the issue and although it was almost the end of the open period (which was several months) there was NOT ONE SINGLE PUBLIC COMMENT. When I checked before the closing date mine was the only comment from the public, the others were all from pet food industry members. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. We should be pestering everyone and anyone who can change this.The industry will never police itself, it’s run by people motivated by profit.

    • Marc-André says:

      Remind me which country you are in and I’ll have a think of good brands you can access. 🙂

  13. terrepruitt says:

    Ugh. But I somewhat don’t understand why it is shocking that the FDA doesn’t care what is in our pets food, I mean, don’t people see what they consider is ok for humans to eat?

    This was very interesting.

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