Yarn Invasion!

We have been strangled up with yarn the last couple of months. Mom started to crochet and it seems if you buy one skein of yarn you are lost.

If I compare it with catnip addiction then I would say it is worse: it cost more money, it takes up a lot of space with all those skeins of yarn. Being a catnip addict is less expensive because your servant provides you with free catnip and it takes less space. (Unless you have a gazillion catnip toys like us)

One thing we find a benefit of yarn: it makes a perfect sleeping spot. Mom doesn’t agree. It is  leaving fur behind on her crocheted items… Amy find them the perfect butt warmers…

Amy is most of the time lucky. Me on the other hand get all kind of stuff on me. Here mom put one big rainbow scarf around my neck. I look like a cat with tooth pain. Not funny at all!

Mom makes crochet mistakes ( A lot) Here is one of her mistakes that ended up on my head.  She takes pictures and puts it on my Facebook page. Then all those crazy cat ladies (Yes, like you) are: “You look dashing, handsome boy,…” Ladies, don’t you see that this is just yarn from a mistake my mom made? Don’t motivate her…

Sometimes the yarn is working on our nerves then the yarn hits the floor.  It upsets my mom always when we do it. We find it fun to do.

Living with a yarn addict is not an easy life for us cats. Sometimes it has benefits. Mom makes us the most beautiful and soft blankets:

Perfect to sleep on or in this case under. Every birthday, New Year we get new blankets and mom makes them also for cats who live in a local shelter. I know for certain that they are happy with some soft and warm blanket.

What strange addiction do your human haves? Are you allowed to play with it or is it paws off?  Tell us, we won’t tell anyone else…


Billy The Time Cat

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11 thoughts on “Yarn Invasion!

  1. TiggerHaywood says:

    I loooove wool, and those blankets and butt warmers look amazing! Doesn’t your Mom realise cat hair improves the look??

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