Your Friday Art Cat Works Out

It’s especially important to have an established exercise routine, not only for fitness, but also mental health. Physical activity helps to combat stress, build one’s confidence,  and maintain one’s svelte, feline figure.

Watercolor and Pen; Carol Parker MittalThe Friday Art Cat has a well-planned cross-training routine that includes scratching vigorously on the cat tree, dashing up and down the stairs, jumping up on to the forbidden counter, and diving under the oriental rug. She changes up her activities with added purr chirrups, an occasional bat at the catnip mouse, or a short rest for a paw lick. The Friday Art Cat likes to finish off her routine with a brisk round of toilet paper wrestling.

By being consistent, setting realistic workout goals, and finding ways to make exercise enjoyable, your Friday Art Cat improves her mood, physical appearance, and quality of life for the good!

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan whose exercise routine can be described as sporadic and often inadequate. You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 

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