11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

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Today’s guest post comes from Mike James:

11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

How does your cat feel about water? Does he like to get wet? Play in puddles? Take a bath? And the ultimate: Does your purry companion enjoy a swim in the pool now and again? By now, you’re probably sniggering into your morning cuppa at the very idea because we all know that cats hate water. Or do they?

Think about it – it’s normal for many Big Cats in the wild to treat lakes and rivers as part of their natural habitat. Tigers and jaguars, for instance, are excellent swimmers and often live near water. There’s even a ‘fishing cat’, a medium sized wild cat from West Bengal, that can often be seen hunting along the edges of watercourses, happy to dive in to catch prey and swim long distances.

Are our domesticated moggies really that different?

You might be surprised to hear that many cat breeds actually don’t mind being in and around water, and some absolutely love it. Here, Mike James – a cat lover and regular contributor affiliated with Compass Pools takes a closer look… So, if your feline friend seems to have a strange affinity with the wet stuff, dig a little deeper into his family tree and perhaps you’ll find evidence of one of these 11 breeds.

  1. Maine Coon

Big, furry and highly intelligent, Maine Coon cats have a history of working on ships to help with pest control. Their fur is dense and water repellent, meaning these felines can withstand cold temperatures with ease. Maine Coons are said to be fascinated by water wherever they find it, including splashing around in their water bowls, toilet bowls and bath tubs. Apparently, they’re quick to learn how to turn a tap on too. Here’s Lenny, learning to swim:

  1. Norwegian Forest

A cousin of the Maine Coon, the gorgeous ‘Wegie’ also has a thick water-repellent resistant coat that’s designed to keep him warm and dry in the harsh Norwegian climate where this natural breed comes from. Indeed, Norwegian folklore has it that these cats were Viking family pets. Norwegian Forest Cats are excellent hunters, with prey including birds, rodents and fish – watch out if you have a fish tank or garden pond! They are said to have a particular affinity for water.

  1. Abyssinian

Originally from Ethiopia and the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean, this active fun-loving breed is believed to be the oldest domesticated cat. It’s an energetic breed that is always on the go, needing a lot of attention. Abys are said to have an unusual liking for water and love splashing around in bowls, showers or outdoors. Leave the tap running and they can have hours of fun. In fact, your Aby cat is intelligent enough to learn to turn it on without your help!

  1. Manx

A short tailed breed from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, the Manx cat is an intelligent and very social breed that loves company and enjoys dog-like ‘fetching’ games. As an island cat, it’s perhaps not surprising that this breed is said to love swimming in the sea. Entertain your cat with a simple water dish or invite him to join you in the shower – or the swimming pool, like this cat:

  1. American Bobtail

A big, muscular cat with a very social personality, American Bobtails are often called the Golden Retriever of the cat world – they can be trained, they love to play in water and they may even walk on a leash! These are smart, energetic short-tailed cats can often be found dunking their toys in water and will learn to turn the tap on so they can splash around in the water underneath.

  1. Japanese Bobtail

Like their American cousin, Japanese Bobtails are another short-tailed cat breed that loves the water. They’re sociable creatures that love to play, and they can be trained to play ‘fetch’ and even walk on a lead. The water resistant coat stands them in good stead as they’re very fond of getting wet – splashing around in water bowls, dipping their paws into water wherever they can find it, under taps or even in the toilet bowl. Check your aquarium or garden pond too.

  1. Bengal

As descendants of the Asian Leopard Cat, Bengals have a wild cat appearance and chances are that they’ve inherited their love of water from their wild ancestors. These cats will play with anything in water – throw some cat toys into water and watch your kitty stalk and chase the floating items. Whether you spray your cat with water from the shower or invite him to join you in your outdoor pool, a Bengal cat delight in it. Bengals are super intelligent, to the point of opening the bathroom door if they feel all the fun is happening without them.

  1. Egyptian Mau

It’s been widely reported that Egyptian Maus love water. Certainly, this athletic breed with a wild spotted appearance has top notch hunting skills and loves being active. Whether playing with the kitchen tap, dipping a paw into the bath tub or toilet bowl, water seems to hold a particular fascination. Some Maus may even get into the shower with you! However, as we all know, every cat has its own personality – just because it works for Felix doesn’t mean Kitty won’t be running a mile in the opposite direction at the mere suggestion of water.

  1. Savannah

A wild hybrid cat that descends from the African Serval, this is a large and very active cat with a boldly marked coat with beautiful markings at the corner of their eyes, large ears, a long neck and long legs. A smart cat, the Savannah is known for its love of water, bathing and swimming. This one likes to join the family in the pool:

  1. Turkish Angora

With a silky coat and a long body, the Turkish Angora is an active cat that’s always interested in water play, despite his delicate appearance. Attention seeking and easily trained, these cats may relieve indoor boredom by splashing around in sinks and bath tubs or getting in the shower with you. Outside, Turkish Angoras are known for playing in ponds and streams – it seems, any water will do.

  1. Turkish Van

You may have heard of the ‘swimming cat’ – it’s the Turkish Van cat which is widely known for its affinity with water. Originating from Turkey’s Lake Van region, this breed swam ashore from Noah’s Ark, according to legend. Growing up in the hot, dry climate, they’ve learnt to cool off in the searing heat by swimming in the lake. The Turkish Van cat is a beautiful breed that will have no hesitation in exploring any body of water – from toilet bowl to paddling pool to swimming pool. Their soft, semi-long fur is naturally water repellent, meaning they’ll emerge dry after a swim or soak.

Author Bio:

Article provided by Mike James, a tech-obsessed, cat-loving content writer

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40 thoughts on “11 Cat Breeds That Love Water – Who Knew

  1. jopamhworo says:

    So glad to learn so much about cats, things I’ve never known or thought all my life. It surprises me much to learn that a cat can be trained to turn on a tab. That reveals how much they’re in love with water. Thanks so much and looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. RoseyToesSews says:

    One of my moggies and my ragdolls love to play with a running tap. I love watching them trying to catch the water as it flows from the tap 😀 Although I end up wet too, as they batt the water all over the place!

  3. maryltonks says:

    Interesting! Mine like drippy faucets and their drinking fountain, but they really surprised me when the basement floor of the house was under 4″ of water. They were wading around like it was a normal activity! >^..^<

  4. floridaborne says:

    I have 2 main coon cats who will sit out in the rain. When you call them in, they look at you as if to say, “What is your problem?” It’s not that they don’t like water — they ignore it. 🙂

  5. loisajay says:

    My little Parker loves the water! Each morning, when I wash out her and Teemu’s water bowls, I let the faucet run so Parker can play under the water before breakfast. She has the best time playing in it!

  6. Sunny Lanning says:

    As in so many things, my Bengal wants the option to be in the water. I’ve found him in a full tub I left running for a bath, and I’ve seen him flee at the sound of the shower. It all depends on what kind do of mood he is and the alignment of the stars on any given day!

  7. The Chaos Realm says:

    Dude, we just thought the family Manx cat (named Lunch) was a weirdo. He played fetch, and chase, and loved water. He’d perch o the edge of the tub and play with the water as it was coming out of the faucet. Until the day he slipped and fell in, that kinda cured him of his curiosity. The bathroom looked like a crime scene (lots of human-inflicted scratching and flailing trying to get out of the tub). LOL

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