Travelling abroad with your cat? Check out these 6 great tips

If you’re a cat lover, you might want or need to take your cat abroad with you at some point in the future. But travelling with pets can be stressful, particularly if they’re not used to it. You’ve got to take them out of their comfort zone and put them in strange, unusual places.

Whilst some pets might thrive, cats tend to find the experience stressful at first. To keep your animals calm and ensure you both have a hassle-free trip, we’ve gathered six great tips. Check them out:

  1. Prioritise their comfort

How is your cat used to travelling? Hopefully you’ve used a carrier in the past as this is the easiest way to transport cats. Once you’ve got them used to the carrier, be sure to pack a few creature comforts to make them feel at home – blanket with familiar smells, for instance.

What’s more, Compare Travel Insurance adds, that it’s important to travel at the right times of the day. During the summer, avoid travelling during the middle of the day and, in the winter, stay clear of early or late flights if it’s going to be cold. Your pets comfort should be top priority, not whether you get a cheaper fare.

Credit: Smokey by Denise Mattox
  1. Get the documents sorted early

Typically, to travel with your cat, you’ll need export and import papers, transit health certificates, permits and quarantine provisions. Do your research and get the correct documentation sorted way before you travel.

  1. Get a check-up for your cat

To minimise the risk of any health scares whilst you’re abroad, book a check-up with your vet at home to be sure your pets’ health and fitness is in good condition before you leave. If your cat is on any medication, it’s also a good idea to be stocked up with what you need.

Although we hope you have a healthy trip, it’s worth researching the veterinary facilities where you’re travelling to in case of emergencies.

Credit: Sun Cat by Wesley Hetrick
  1. Research accommodation

Not every hotel or rental will accept cats. As Lets With Pets says, don’t leave your search until the last minute and be prepared to be flexible when it comes to finding a pet-friendly property. They’re talking about finding a long-term rental property, but the same rules apply for a short-term break. You might have to search a wider area, for instance, to be able to keep your cat with you.

  1. Get them used to the travel experience

Not all animals are born nomads. In fact, most cats prefer the comfort of your home and can easily get stressed in strange, new places. The early you start planning and getting your cat used to travel, the better. Spend time getting them used to going in and out of a crate without it being a big deal – you can find a guide from Conscious Cat, including suggestions on picking the right carrier for your car.

Credit: Photo by Charline Tetiyevsky
  1. Don’t over-fuss them

Similarly, don’t give your pet too much fuss and attention when they’re behaving. Just stay calm and consistent. Animals are good at picking up on your nerves, so when it comes around to travelling for real, you don’t want them to take your anxiety on board.

After all, it can be more nerve-wracking for you when travelling with your precious pet. But try and act as normal as possible, so they don’t know anything is different.

Have you travelled abroad with your cat? Share your recommendations with us.

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24 thoughts on “Travelling abroad with your cat? Check out these 6 great tips

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  2. ohdarlingsoul says:

    Good tips! My cats were Spanish strays and they now live in England with me. My cats already have passports (EU!) so it will be interesting to see how the UK coming out of the EU will affect their ability to travel and whether their passports will even be valid anymore.

  3. thenomadkids13 says:

    This is so awesome! We travel with our dogs a lot but we’ve never travelled with our cats! We really miss them when we go away. Now we can ask our mummy and daddy if we can take our cats with us when we go travelling! 😀
    Thanks for the tips!
    Wolf, Bear & Monkey

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