Secret Lives Of Street Cats In Riga

There are a lot of cats living on the street all over the world. And, one of the European city, Riga is not an exception. There are hundreds of feral cats. One of the local cat care non-profit organization decided to show the world street cats who deserve our love, care and attention.

Cat Care Community has spent the last year making the photos and helping street cats find real loving home. Photographing cats has been the main key to bringing the world that each of the cat has a story to tell.

Many people argue about that street cats are not safe for humanity, but there are different Trap-Neuter-Return programs, that works great and helps to control population and health problems of street cats. What do you think about street cats?

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21 thoughts on “Secret Lives Of Street Cats In Riga

  1. Feral cats can be tamed, but it is a challenge most of us aren’t up to. The best bet, then, is to reduce their numbers humanely through Trap-Neuter-Return and letting attrition through natural and accidental causes take their toll. Ideally, humans would get the hint: don’t let you cats wander, especially if they are intact because there are already too many unwanted cats in the world, condemned to street life or euthanasia. Plus inside cats can live safer, longer lives than the neglected feral cats. Another consideration: RABIES. Cats have replaced dogs as the most likely vector for rabies, and feral cats pose a potential public health issue. Let’s face it, if you see a cat (or dog) while on a walk, the first impulse is to try to pet it even though common sense tells you not to do it! (I am terrible about this, and have been bitten by everything from a feral kitty mother that tried to raise her kittens in my garden to a zoo brown bear when I was a toddler.)

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  2. I think it is sad that there are so many cats that they have to live on the street. I know it is so hard to control the population because it can be easy for a cat to have kitties. I very much appreciate all organizations that help with the street cat population. The feeding, the care for, the neutering . . . I think it is wonderful and I really appreciate the people doing that!


  3. The whole reason that there are street cats in the first place is thanks to humans. We have a responsibility toward them and I fully support TNR schemes. I adopted both of my cats from Spain and they now live in England with me. One of them is making typing quite difficult right now by the way she is lying across my arms, and the other is a street cat who had never lived in a house before I adopted him.


  4. Reblogge this on animalsarewonderful my cat Sid’s blog he wouldn’t have it any other way. After all he became a street cat, then was humanely captured and taken care of, his photo on the net and we adopted him. Now he has his own garden at our house in Riga, Latvia.


  5. Human Beings have created such horrific problems for cats (as well as dogs) by their total disregard for the animals’s welfare. They don’t think twice about abandoning even their own pet, as in the case of my latest adoptee, gorgeous Tino.

    There seems to be a lot of creeps around…

    I am sure that the little sweethearts would not treat us so heartlessly and shamefully if the tables were turned…


  6. As a cat rescuer it’s our obligation to help all animals to give shelter food water medical care ITS NOT THEIR FAILT ! All the stupid ignorant people who won’t take responsibility and 5. Minutes to get their pets fixed it’s a crime Jail time as far as I’m concerned Humanity !


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