Not All Cats Are The Same

We took Elvis to the vet’s yesterday for a check-up and some blood tests. The blood test required him to not eat for 12 hours beforehand, and it got me thinking about how different our cats are.

When Lola went to have her teeth cleaned back in January she wasn’t allowed to eat beforehand either. And she spent almost all of the 12 hours loudly voicing her displeasure at the lack of food. The result of that was a very restless night, as she kept us awake with all her yelling.

Elvis on the other hand didn’t yell. He was very quiet. But each time that it was close to a meal time he would do his best Puss In Boots impression, with the widest eyes he could muster, and give the sweetest questioning meow. And then when I fed the others but not him he looked at me with such a bewildered and betrayed expression..!

As far as I can remember we haven’t had to withhold food from Sampson at any time, so I don’t have any evidence of how he’d react. But given that he’s so very food oriented I can’t imagine it would be fun for anyone involved. I expect he would get very hangry, and almost definitely take out his frustrations on the two cats that would be getting fed.

Hopefully we won’t have to find out!


Lady Joyful

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33 thoughts on “Not All Cats Are The Same

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Don’t I just know this “Betrayed!”-expression.
    This year I had to take my little one to the vet, the tom was still alive, I took their food away at 10 pm and that was ok for both. Then in the morning, the vet does not open before 9 am, I had to ignor both cats for a while, both were astonished, but it wasn’t a problem. Then I caught the female, and with her in the transport box, I fed the tom. THAT LOOK from her could have killed me …

  2. Robert Varga says:

    I see differences within the same bloodline either. Here, at our home, with Roxy and her son, aka, the bengal princess, still playful but extremely noisy if her majestic schedule could be “hurt”, then there comes the ‘Right Meooowww!” sound session right into your ears; and the son, the adventurer, happily participating in everything, no questions asked and the patience and understanding self! He even invents games sometimes, for entertainment.

  3. KR says:

    Hahaa 🙂 I even not imagine the situation that cat is 12 hours without food….every day she tells me : nobody feed cat in this house 🙂 ( because only 2x per day is wet and every minute is dry food avaiable 🙂 🙂

    • Lady Joyful says:

      That sounds just like Sampson! We always try to do so that the appointments are first thing in the morning, so that the time without food is overnight. That way we have less time of seeing them looking at us sadly and complaining! It just didn’t work so well with Lola because she kept us awake with her yelling! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. angela1313 says:

    The Klepto claw! Unlike a dog snitching food, not a hint of guilt, just focus and determination. I’ve had to do the no food thing so many times but thankfully I’ve never had a midnight caller.

  5. Kate Crimmins says:

    We are fortunate in that our vet only requires fasting from midnight on. Since I keep hard food out all night, I have to put that away but it’s not too bad if I cart off the patient first thing in the morning.

  6. simon7banks says:

    They are indeed all different. Of three cats I’m assisting at present (one definitely mine, Emma; one probable stray, Kiwi; one determined visitor, Ginger), Emma and Kiwi, if they want to come in by the front window rather than the back cat-flap, come in with no delay when the window is opened, just a miaow and a rub against me or a pause for a quick stroke. Ginger generally treats it as a major decision and in warmer weather I leave the window open and come back to see if he came in. Going out, though, it’s Emma who miaows for the door to be opened and then sniffs the air, looks around, looks at me, wanders about a bit, sniffs the air again and finally maybe, possibly reacting to “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”, goes. The other two are straight out with a little leap and a brisk trot. I imagine this means Emma feels safe indoors and less so outdoors, while Ginger (less established in the house and scared of Kiwi) is the opposite. Kiwi, while punctilious in not causing Emma any stress, is scared of no-one and nothing.

    Also, Ginger likes onions! I was peeling one and he came up and sniffed it repeatedly, doing little sneezes and coming back for more, even actually licking my fingers!

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