Please Don’t Go!

Count Vronsky, our rescued Russian Blue, is normally an elegant and dignified cat. But when my suitcases come out, he knows I’m leaving and dignity is out the window. His antics with my suitcases tear at my heartstrings.

You’re not leaving without me!
There’s still room for your clothes.
or maybe I’ll just sit on this bag…
…and look really sad.
Don’t think you can distract me with ice cream!

Well maybe… just one little taste.
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55 thoughts on “Please Don’t Go!

  1. Oh my, I feel with Count Vronsky and you! Awww just looking at his sweet face tear at my heartstrings as well. My kitty, Murli, can not stand me leaving either. Even when I’m just grocery shopping and come back home, her greeting is like as if she had missed me for a couple weeks at least. Sigh, and I don’t like to leave either.

  2. It is the same with me. Coco hates when I leave too and I would have to pack secretly inside the closet, so she wouldn’t know I am going. Then when I am going, she has that sad face, that my heart aches. 🙁

    1. He does for the first two days, then he remembers he was supposed to be angry and ignores me for a couple days, and then finally things get back to normal.

  3. Our first cat, Prissy, used to sit on our suitcases before we left Texas twice a year heading to Virginia. What was worse was that after one disastrous episode with a cat sitter, she seemed to sense she would be boarded at the vet’s for a couple of weeks and meowed and looked at us so piteously, we almost took her with us. But 1500 miles in a car with a cat? No way! That would be cruel to all of us.

    1. Yes, the only thing worse than leaving them is cooping them up for a long car trip. I just had to do that because we moved. I don’t want to do it again any time soon!

    1. There must be a site on-line for cats to share how to make their humans feel bad about leaving. They all seem to know the tricks.

  4. My cat does this every time I pack to go anywhere. If you visit my Facebook page, the wallpaper image shows him doing this. 😀

  5. My cat is similar in the way she acts when my family gets out suitcases. Although we leave the suitcases closed until we’re ready to pack then close them again once packed. If we don’t get packed right away, we close the suitcases until we continue packing again. Haven’t had cat problems yet. Might want to try this. Reblogged on my main site COUNTRY LIVING at and shared on LinkedIn.

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