Cats at The Bar: Twins in Repose

Hi everyone,

Hump days do seem to come around again and again but at least it means that we are halfway to the weekend!


To help us pass it more quickly the cute kittens from a previous CATB post are back with their cuteness to save the day!

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9 thoughts on “Cats at The Bar: Twins in Repose

  1. Too soon. Too much cuteness! I took Jamima to the vet for her last adventure…….and she is now sleeping on big fluffy clouds in heaven. I’m yet to hear an appropriate euphemism for ‘Going to God!’ For cats……. check out my post today.

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  2. 🙂🙂This picks your spirits up if your down and when your happy this picture makes you happier. Shared on LinkedIn. Once Again, These twins are Cute. What are their names. I want to follow them.🙂🙂

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