Sterling: A little history of how I came to be :)

Meow, it’s me Sterling!

I first want to say thank you for letting me contribute to this wonderful blog !

A little history of my name

My name comes from a town in Scotland where my mommies grandmother was sent during ww2 because England wasn’t save back then and that’s where she met my mommies grandfather who fell in love with her, he broke off the engagement with another lady because his felling for was too strong to push aside.


The world that became mine!

Some kitties who was street kitty like me, some don’t have the chance to live in a warm home with people who love them.

I was one of the fortunate ones that have a warm home to call their own, I was a street kitty in a small town called Rockland 30 mins from Ottawa Ontario, there I lived with grandpa’s neighbour who showed me kindness by letting me sleep in his garage and feeding me every night before he closed the door to the outside world once I was in the garage.

I wondered into my mommies childhood home where grandpa still lived and  she saw me and greeted me, patted me, that’s when my whole world changed for the better!

She did have another kitty who they didn’t know at the time that her kitty had cancer and wouldn’t make it passed the age of 10.

For months after first meeting her, she would come to their neighbours house to spend time with me, then it was my turn to get a new lease on life! Her kitty just passed away in 2011 3 months before fall was at our door step! I over heard the man that was taking care of me asking my mommy if she wanted me when he went over to help Barry  her kitty, she was happy to be able to give me a home, but she knew that he loved me a lot and wanted to make sure he was serious about what he had told her so she asked her father to ask her if it was true what he had said.

It was true so her father went over the next day to bring me to his house and stay with him until October when it was my mommies birthday as they wanted to make sure I had adjusted well to the new life of the indoors. Mommy came to visit me once and I had slipt out the door when her father was coming in from the porch door. Mommy was so worried that I had gotten out and wanted to go find me, but her father said he will come back, night fall had come and I had not returned so mommy went out to find me calling my old name”meow meow”. I heard her and called to her, she must have heard me as her voice changed to a happy voice, I ran from under her neighbours porch calling to her her with every leep I took so did she until I was the safety of her arms. After that we were inseparable.  In October her father drove me to montreal where I would live with her for a few years. Say tuned for more of my adventures!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had dictating it to my mommy as these paws aren’t good with the keyboard 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Sterling: A little history of how I came to be :)

  1. Anarette says:

    We are so happy that you found your warm forever home! M says that you remind her of her cat who passed away years ago. She was so great just like you .The ZAB team.

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