Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the NEW tunnel. :D

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. We got a new present from our humans the other day – It is a super fun orange tunnel for us to play with.

I went straight in to investigate… But of course Oli wasn’t far away. 🙁

Oliver: Excuse me? Not far away? A tunnel has two ends for a reason!!!

Nubia: Out of my tunnel! It is mine. 😀

Oliver: It is my turn. :p

Nubia: Fine, I’ll wait.

Nubia: And me again. 😀

Oliver: I am watching you… Don’t break our toy!

Nubia: Me? Never! This toy is now also available in our Katzenworld Online Shop btw! You can use katzen15 for an extra 15% off orders. 🙂

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Signed by


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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20 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the NEW tunnel. :D

  1. Lena is really jealous. Her tunnels are solid red and solid blue and she has scratched them silly until they have “runs.” Her human is ashamed to admit she bought both of them at the Dollar Tree and won’t ante up for something more expensive from Petsmart.

  2. Teagan and Nessa received a new tunnel for Christmas. It is long and has a hole in the middle so one of them can pop out. It is green AND . . . . it lights up! Nessa is an obstacle course racer so she uses it the most. She runs through all three of their tubes.

    This is super pretty!

      1. I just saw this now . . . days later. And I think I might, if I can get some photos of one of them in it. I will let you know. Photos of just the tunnel are just not fun! Thanks!

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