New York stay at the Algonquin Hotel – Part Two

In the first part of our post, you got to see the beauty and elegance of the Algonquin hotel, now it’s time to meet the current incarnation of the Algonquin cat; Matilda. Of course, as with all cats, it had to be on her terms. It involved an early morning start but we were richly rewarded with some time spent in her presence.

Marc managed to get up before me but when he arrived downstairs Matilda was already hard at work behind the reception desk.

After making quick work of dealing with the hotel’s mail it was time for some posing. Isn’t she beautiful? It’s no wonder that she has won awards for Cat of the Year before.

And a little fussing from Marc too.

And her reward? Breakfast of course 🙂

Alice looks after Matilda to ensure she’s as happy as can be. You can imagine how difficult that might be with how demanding cats can be but Alice and Matilda have a lovely relationship.


Our last look at Matilda was in her “day room” in the front window of the hotel. When we first arrived we always turned right out of the building and so had missed her the first few days. She looks so happy to spend a few relaxing hours here as the people of the city bustle by. She certainly turns heads and many people stop by to take a look.

Additionally if Matilda wants to retire inside the hotel she has a fabulous tree house in the reception. Ensuring that no stranger can pass by her!

If you want to be in the heart of New York and stay in a beautiful hotel with a bonus of a resident cat the Algonquin is your purrfect choice! 🙂

Look out for part 3 where Matilda plays with some presents we brought with from our friends 4Cats in Germany.




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