Our stay at the Algonquin Hotel, New York – Part One

A few months back – it seems like years now – we had a lovely trip to the bright , bustling “Big Apple” that is the city of New York.  While we were planning our holiday, we were overwhelmed by the choice of hotels. Where should we stay? In the heart of Manhattan, in Brooklyn or Queens or maybe on the other side of the Hudson in New Jersey? In the end we decided we had to stay on Manhattan island – at least for part of the time. Now, what was one of  the most important things we wanted from a hotel apart from being next to where everything was happening? A resident cat of course!! Now we knew what we wanted our search lead us to the oldest operating hotel in New York The Algonquin.


Steeped in local artistic, literary and theatrical history the hotel is also home to a number of traditions such as supporting struggling writers and keeping a cat who has the run of the hotel (both courtesy of Frank Case who was one of the original owners). It’s was the second tradition that drew us to this specific hotel for a chance to find out about the legend of the Algonquin cat and to meet the current resident feline (more about that later).

When we arrived, we were amazed by the feline themed memorabilia collected over the years and displayed in the lobby area.

We did enjoy the breakfasts. Don’t worry, we did lots of walking afterwards to burn off the calories.

And our rooms were so beautiful. I’m sure Nubia would have made herself very cosy on the sofa or bed. And in fact we showed them to Oliver & Nubia when we face timed with them using our Three Mobile Feel-At-Home SIM Card kindly provided by our friends at Three Mobile UK to stay and not have to worry about roaming charges!

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As was the rest of the hotel with the cat theme extending to the doors of the lifts… That reminded us that we were booked to see the Cats musical later on our trip.

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And Matilda herself was there to welcome us with a gift of a couple of books for us to read before bed time 🙂


In Part two you can find out about our early morning meeting with the charming Matilda herself.

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31 thoughts on “Our stay at the Algonquin Hotel, New York – Part One

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    The hotel looks gorgeous. It’s cat history is a bonus. I hope you had a wonderful time in NYC. It is one of my favourite cities for visiting. My kids love to go up on the train for the day and just run around Central Park.

    • iainru says:

      We certainly did. Staying at the Algonquin gave us a beautiful and relaxing space to recover after a full schedule everyday making the most of our trip.

  2. exoticnita54 says:

    So cute..
    I have been to New York once..
    But didn’t have the chance to tour it as I wanted….
    That’s a really nice hotel.
    Waiting to hear ?? how your experience with Matilda goes

  3. Nine Speakers says:

    There is a great book out now: MATILDA, THE ALGONQUIN CAT by Leslie Martini. The Algonquin has an exhibit of some of the art from the book. You can get the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    • iainru says:

      We very much enjoyed our time spent with you Pattie. And thanks again for including us in the poetry reading. It seems quite a few department stores and other shops in NYC have a long association with feline friends. We missed out on quite a few. All the more reason for us to come back again 🙂

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  6. crossi77 says:

    It seems like I am a bit late for the party here. Still, I also love the hotel rooms. They seem very cozy. So, I did read the article correctly. The hotel was a part of the overall package of the cats show that kind of made the cherry on top of a yummy ice cream, correct?
    You went to New York for visiting the show, right?
    How did you guys like it?

    • Marc-André says:

      Ah we didn’t book the hotel as part of a CATS package but the hotel happened to be a partner of the show. 🙂

      We went for a few things but CATS was definitely a highlight. Very much enjoyed it.

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