Dr. Chewie’s Dental Routine

My humans are obsessed about my teeth. They go on and on about how their two ginger cats, Whiskie and Troy, had the worst teeth and went for routine dental work at the vet. It sounds like they are frightened my teeth will rot and fall out so they kind of make me miserable. It doesn’t help that the vet told girl human during my checkup that I have cracked teeth, my gums were a little red and that I will need a dental in the future.


This is my routine most days:

In the morning and at night I’m given Virbac dental chews for cats. This is the routine I like, the chews are fish and chicken flavored. There’s a coating on the outside that looks like clear paper, its purpose is to clean our teeth as we bite into it. It’s sold at vet’s offices, pet stores and online. On amazon, some say that it helped to reduce the effects of gingivitis. My human first learned of these from her vet and later when she worked at a holistic vet, these were highly recommended.

Twice a day, most days I’m given Perio Support by Vetri Science. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this, I don’t always like supplements added to my food. Vets recommend this for dental support and I don’t mind its flavor but sometimes I’m not in the mood for this. My dose is ¼ teaspoon per meal.


My least favorite of all is the dreaded PetzLife Oral Care Gel. I’ve won most of the fights for now. Cats don’t like anything in their mouths so I fight hard and they can’t even brush my teeth. All they do is wipe it on one side of my gums then the other. I lick the rest. They thought my gums were looking less red and reviews are favorable but stopped because I fought too well. Girl human is going to resume this again, she said my gums were looking a little red. I fear this is going to resume to a few times a week because I heard them talking about my teeth and gums. Sigh, I guess I will have to fight harder.


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15 thoughts on “Dr. Chewie’s Dental Routine

  1. angela1313 says:

    So relate to this. Because oral care with my cats turns into somethig life a feud match in professional wrestling my vet recommended the water additive to at least kepp the bacteria in check. They still ove their founain so I don’t think they taste it much.

    • jebusandandrea says:

      Thank You! My teeth aren’t too bad. They are just paranoid, they got me last year when I was 4 and I had cracked and broken teeth. I eat just fine, no issues. They say they are taking me for a dental when it warms up, no emergency 🙂 I don’t like going to the vet so I’m not looking forward to it.

    • jebusandandrea says:

      I’ll be fine, this is my routine. I eat ok, chew on anything because I’m a hamster in a cat’s body. When I came to live with the humans a few of my teeth were already cracked and broken. I’ll be going for a dental soon, it’s no emergency so we’re putting of till it get warmer. Thanks for the nice wishes. Meow.

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