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Today we would like to share a fun little story put together by MORE TH>N that was put together for National cat day earlier this year:


– MORE TH>N reveals the perfect life of a cat –

Imagine this: a ten-hour sleep, an invigorating stroll in the great outdoors, two hours relaxing in a sunny spot and a delicious dinner. Sound like a perfect day? Well it is, but not just for humans. It’s actually a part of what makes for a perfect day in the perfect life of a cat.

For National Cat Day 2016, MORE TH>N Pet Insurance conducted research with 1,000 cat owners across the UK to find out what they believe constitutes the ideal life for their feline friends. From here, and based on the average feline life span of 14 years, MORE TH>N compiled a ‘blueprint’ outlining some of the must-have features of the purrfect cat’s life.

cat competition 5

The blueprint for the perfect cat’s life:

– Spend 48,180 hours (five and a half years) of their lives sleeping – enjoying most of these cat naps in their owner’s bed (28%), on the couch (21%) and in the laundry (6%)

– 10,595 hours (one year two months) sunbathing in a sunny patch (British weather permitting!)

– Ever the adventurers, spend 10,220 hours (one year, two months) exploring the outside world

– When they’re not outside, to spend 6,906 hours (9.5 months) of their lives staring out of a window

– Spend 5,110 hours (seven months) playing with other cats

– Be petted / stroked 35,795 times in a lifetime (seven times a day)

– Spend 2,920 hours (four months) curling up next to their owners

– Spend 4,380 hours (six months) grooming themselves

– Spend 15,330 hours (one year and nine months) of their lives playing in cardboard boxes, clutching at a ball of yarn and a further 1,176 hours (seven weeks) playing with toy mice or balls.

– Spend a total of 730 hours getting their claws into a scratching post

– Embark on climbing expeditions 30,681 times in their lives

Cat of Mike

What’s more, even though cats aren’t considered to take to water like a duck, they do nevertheless love to chase water down the sink or paw at it as trickles from the tap. To that end, the research suggests that a cat that’s inclined towards dripping taps should get to play with them around 3,100 times during their lifetime (water bill permitting!).

When asked what would be the perfect occasional treats to make their cats purr with glee, cat owners were in no doubt that tuna (37%), cooked chicken (37%) and healthy cat biscuits (43%) topped the treat league.

George Lewis, head of pet insurance at MORE TH>N said: “Cats have always been regarded as relatively enigmatic creatures, but our research shows that there are a few universal truths that owners can turn to in order to ensure their cats are happy and contented. Ultimately, happy cats are healthy cats, and hopefully this blueprint can be of some use to cat owners as they look to give their pets the best nine lives ever.”

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34 thoughts on “I’m Feline Good

  1. loisajay says:

    When I refresh her water bowl each morning, I purposely let the faucet run so Parker can play in the water. Water bill is getting high but Parker has a ball!

  2. angela1313 says:

    Bengals love to play in water. Even though my cats don’t play in it they are now spoiled, only drinking water out of their bubbling fountain. Thanks for sharing this great information.

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