Unusual Cat Portraits

With ten cats in the house, I should have plenty of opportunities to photograph them, but sadly that isn’t always the case. Only two rooms face south and get enough natural light for my taste, but then I’m stuck with the other problems of harsh sun and strong shadows. Very rarely do we get what is referred to as a cloudy bright day, or even better, soft mist with the sun’s rays gently filtered.

Sometimes I throw caution to the wind and opt for a portrait with a difference and here are some examples. The image featured above was taken earlier this year while I was experimenting with disposable covers for our bed. Without going into details, one of our older cats has the odd leakage problem and I wondered if the lightweight sheets might save on washing blankets. They didn’t, but Bubu loved to play underneath and one morning I was able to grab the camera before he moved.

The photograph below was taken in response to a themed competition in a photography forum on modified light. Taken at night in our tiny dining room, I placed an old blanket on the floor before hanging a torch from the ceiling, covered in a colander borrowed from the kitchen. Once again, Bubu was happy to act as a model for me.


The final image was taken many years ago of a kitten that I hand-reared from the age of four days. He was my baby and here he was sitting behind the net curtains one summer’s day.


About the Author:

Zooey lives on a smallholding in Sussex with her husband, ten cats and many other assorted animals. In her spare time she is a keen photographer and has her own blog Elements https://myelementsblog.com

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