CATB: Can you guess what Nemesis is dreaming of?

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the latest CATB post everyone! Today we have a super adorable shot of Nemesis… Well as long as you don’t fear sharp teeth. ;o


The important question is… Can you guess what Nemesis is dreaming of?

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23 thoughts on “CATB: Can you guess what Nemesis is dreaming of?

  1. Gastradamus says:

    I think she dreaming of the blog of Gastradamus. She is anxiously awaiting her owner to be a part of the viral sensation. Let me know what you think of miss scarlet and the empty voter

  2. saywhatumean2say says:

    Being often on the receiving end of sharp, albeit cute, teeth my guess is Nemesis is dreaming of a mousy rolled in kitty bittys and just barely dipped (by the tail of course) in the deep fryer until the outside is crunchy and delightful but the inside is warm, mushy, and still very very red.

    Bittys have the carbs and veggies, fur and skin the roughage, muscle and organ meats the protein and iron and the tail is a play toy after lunch. ~~dru~~

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