Rub-A-Dub Dub…. Me & Fresh Wave in a Tub

Hello again,

I’m a little nervous because mom is getting the Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo out. It’s a new product that is out in stores now, but I think I’m about to be a guinea pig to try this shampoo. Yikes!

About Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo

With their Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo, a great smelling pet is easy. The Pet Shampoo washes away pet odors using natural ingredients. No added perfumes or harsh chemicals to worry about. And if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk…don’t panic….a quick bath or two and your four-legged BFF will be skunk odor free!

Well, I was right! I guess I should just try and enjoy this . Rubadub …

The things I do for my fellow Cats!  I can say I’m squeaky clean at least and I do smell Good too… I hope that the next products are not going to be like this one.

Look at me Now!! All shiny and beautiful ! Okay ,  I can say it was worth trying the Fresh Wave Pet Shampoo . 

I’ll give you one more side view of my freshly clean fluff then you can decide to go see the product yourself . Just follow the link below,  but don’t forget to leave me a message and tell me what you think of my Fluff  *Blushing* purr…

Thank you for stopping by,


Angel’s Eyes-Persian



Twitter : @Fresh_wave



28 thoughts on “Rub-A-Dub Dub…. Me & Fresh Wave in a Tub

  1. Dear Angel,
    You are an angel to stand without biting or putting out your claws on your human while bathing. And you look such a sweetie wrapped up in your towel. I love your new shiny look- like Paddington after he used a lot of bathing powder in his bath and came out all nice and slippery.
    I am sure you don’t like your new smell and preferred the catty one. But you are being polite, aren’t you ?


  2. My two Persian kitty boys don’t have an odor, but their fur does get dull and greasy looking. Perhaps this is an answer to that issue…if they cooperate with the bath!

    I know from experience they will resist any bath, though their groomer says they behave well there. Two months between haircuts and baths, though, is a bit long. Perhaps they’d be happier if I had a hand shower instead of a sink to wash them in…!


    1. Cats are scared of water because they don’t have eye lashes maybe a little Vaseline above there eyes will help them not get water splash in their eyes. It does help to have not a sink of water and use a spray hose and go slow not fast movements. Good luck


    1. Some long hair cats need bathe more then short hair because of the oil build up and if your cat had skin issues. But most indoor short hair cats clean themselves well enough. But this shampoo is good for dogs too especially the ones that have a odor or got caught with a skunk. Angel only get a bath 2 or 3X a year because of her long hair. She takes great care of herself for being a long hair Persian.

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