Katzenworld attendendance at the International Cat Care Awards

Hi everyone,

We are a little over-due to post about this event but this summer saw the return of the International Cat Care Annual awards which of course we attended. 😀

This year Iain and me were lucky enough to both have time to attend the event! And of course we brought many of our keyrings along to hand out to attendees. 😉

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Our personal highlight of the event were of course the Cat Naps competition winner announcements. Each one of the photos isn’t just beautiful but there is also a story for each one of them that you may have seen unfold on our iCatCare channel over the past few months. 🙂

And these are just some of the beautiful photos included in the 2017 calendar which also comes with a free A2 poster with more sleeping cats! The calendar can be purchased on the iCatCare website. 🙂


Of course the winners of the competition received much fame at the event! 😉

For those looking to support the charity a variety of cat goodies were available to purchase:

The other thing they were doing was holding a Raffle! And they had many many great prizes for everyone. 🙂

We donated a prize to this as well. 🙂 A set of our Oliver and Nubia coaster and two of our keyrings.

If you are wondering about the box of cat toys, this is a mix of various toys from our friends at 4Cats who donated a number of boxes to iCatCare for this event. If you’d like some of their toys you can find these also on our online shop. 🙂

Jörg brought a number of toys so people could have a look at these as well! And of course one of the newest product they are distributing, the special cones that make it easier for cats and dogs to eat while having to wear the “cone of shame” designed by Joanne.

Kensington Roof Gardens is an amazing venue and we all had an absolute blast! It was great to network with like minded people and hear of all the latest products that won one of the iCatCare awards!


And of course it was a great opportunity to meet up with some deer friends such as our friends from ProtectaPet! 🙂

Silly me forgot to take photos of the Flamingos this year… so here are a couple of shots from last year’s a event. 😉

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And lastly don’t forget to check out iCatCare’s video and share it with your friends!

About International Cat Care:

International Cat Care
International Cat Care works to create a world in which ‘all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding’ International Cat Care is a charity with the vision of a world where all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion, and understanding. We work closely with the veterinary profession through our veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine. All our work is reliant on donations and legacies.

Founded in 1958, we are a respected authority on feline health and best practice, working with owners, vets and other professionals around the world.
Registered Charity – 1117342

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20 thoughts on “Katzenworld attendendance at the International Cat Care Awards

  1. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too says:

    Thank you for this post! Very informative. Glad you had a good time at the event! I am sharing the video on my Facebook Page! I love where they talk about how cats feel fear, pain, etc. It’s sad that we have to tell people that, but some people don’t give an animal’s well being a second thought. My last post touches on this: “Do Dogs Have Feelings?” based on an article I found.

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