Your Friday Art Cat Blends In

Can you find the hidden cat? Okay, it’s not that hard to spot her, but your Friday Art Cat has been to the farmer’s market recently and there are a lot of large, orange gourds about. I guess that means that the seasons are about to change around here. Cat in a pumpkin patch.SOME REASONS YOUR ART CAT LOVES PUMPKINS:

You can see other cat nonsense created by me at Art is Not for Sissies, my blog, where I go on about silly cats and all manner of arty things. A swing by my site is much appreciated!


27 thoughts on “Your Friday Art Cat Blends In

  1. Our cats get a small dollop of canned organic pumpkin with their breakfasts. They love it. We take the pumpkin out of the can when we open it, and store it in a plastic container so that it won’t taste like tin can.

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