Stan, The Cotswolds Railway Cat

Excerpt about the true story of Stan, the Cotswolds Railway Cat from the non-fiction book; MORE COTSWOLDS MEMOIRS: Creating the Perfect Cottage and Discovering Downton Abbey in the Cotswolds by Diz White. Available on Amazon

stan on lap

On the platform I was astonished to see a tabby cat sleeping on a woman’s lap as she
sat waiting for a train. “How sweet. Do you always travel with your cat?” I asked.
It turned out that this was Stan the station cat who spent his days hanging round
the ticket office of Charlbury Station, nuzzling passengers, climbing on their laps
and purring contentedly until a train came along.

Charlbury signTicket office
Stan climbed onto my cat-whisperer husband Randall’s lap and preened and
purred with all the affection showered upon him. When he jumped down we
followed him as he loped slowly along Platform 1.

Stan at Pond

Stan then hovered by the lily pond and stared hungrily at the darting fish.
He made a few half-hearted swipes at them and then yawned and cleaned
his face. Apparently, between trains Stan likes to lie in the change-well
below the ticket window.

Charlbury Tiket office

When he fails to get out of the way in time, passengers sometimes
have to retrieve their change from his fur. Stan has become something
of a star around these parts as his picture is prominently displayed at
the station and can be spotted through the ticket window.

Portrait of Stan, the Railway Cat

Chalbury Station looks for all the world like it belongs in one of those old Ealing
comedies, or an episode of Poirot, and is well worth seeing whether or not a
visitor is travelling by train.

Stan on Bench Cat napping

Charlbury Station

Apparently, having Stan hop on their lap and purr his way into their
hearts has caused a number of cat-loving passengers to let the
train to Paddington continue on without them.

Stan on Bench

This was an excerpt from More Cotswolds Memoirs: Creating the Perfect Cottage and
Discovering Downton Abbey in the Cotswolds (Available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany).

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10 thoughts on “Stan, The Cotswolds Railway Cat

  1. angela1313 says:

    What a charming station and charming cat. Sitting in the sun with Stan on my lap imbibing all that charm, I’d for sure miss the Paddington train. What a nice post to read over my morning coffee.

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